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Wood flooring

wooden floor

Wood flooring are a popular choice for many homeowners and will also often feature in commercial properties. Wood has an ability to uplift the look of almost any room and create a warm welcoming feeling, which is why you would often see wood used in storefronts, reception areas and entrances. There are many options and [...]

Sofa beds and daybeds


Sofa beds with opening system and daybeds, are quite common, especially in small appartments and small bedrooms. You save a lot of space , as you combine sofa and bed at one furniture, and you can also save money , as they do not cost a lot. Sofa bed with opening system is ideal for [...]

headboard for beds ideas

bed headboards

Headboard is maybe the most important thing on the appearence of your bed. That means that if your bed is very simple, you can make a major change just by changing the headboard , or just by add some fabric, leather or something else on it. If you like your bed but it looks too [...]

Cheap lighting sollutions for bedroom & candle lights

bedroom candles

Lighting is very important. Especially for the bedroom and the living room. There are many beautiful expensive lighting sollution. But , can we have beautiful lighting in our room without spending a lot of money? One idea for cheap bedroom lighting , is to have a light just behind the bed. It does not need [...]

Modern curtains – colors and tips

modern curtains

Curtains can be a very important detail for a living room or a bedroom. They can give a special character to a room and make it look classic, modern, live , serious etc. For a modern house we propose bright and not funcy colour curtains. If you like funcy curtains, it needs a lot of [...]

Closet and cabinets tips – sliding wardrobes and cabinets

sliding wardrobe mirror and wood

CLosets and cabinets are essential to any house. You must allways think of the closet not only when thinking of the interior design , but from the beggining when you build your house! And the more women are in the house the more you have to think of the closets! Classic wardrobes have allways been [...]

Kid’s room wall cheap decorating ideas

kids bedroom giant poster

Any kid’s room, Even a small and simple bedroom with cheap furnitures can really change completely with the appropriate wall decoration, like a poster or decals. Posters and decals are also not so expensive. SO at a cheap price you can make your children’s room look more nice and more happy! Adding decals on the [...]

Small bedroom for 2 children sollutions – bunk beds

Bunk bed for kids

Having a lot of children is happines allthough sometimes it is difficult. Having children and not very big house can be a very big problem. Anyway there are allways sollutions. In this post we want to present you clever interior design and furnitures so 2 children to be comfortable in a really small room. Bunk [...]

Children’s Room tips

Children’s Rooms In recent years as the economy has boomed, a certain sector of the retail industry has enjoyed a remarkable explosion: products for babies and kids. In days of old, the prevailing attitude most people had toward clothing and furniture for their kids was one of economy–after all, kids outgrow everything in a just [...]

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