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The benefits of laminate flooring

laminate flooring

When you’re considering which flooring to choose for your home, there are several things to think about, including durability, practicality, and of course how good it looks. If you’re wanting a floor which is visually appealing, is easy to clean, and will stand up to heavy footfall, then laminate flooring could be an ideal solution. [...]

Beautiful and popular houseplants


Having a real houseplant is one of best things to do as it filters and cleans the air and makes atmosphere inside the house more healthy. Better air quality, better health, better life quality
From the other hand they can also look amazing and improve greatly the atmosphere and the interior design especially in the living room. We all know that there is no better Architect and designer that nature!

We have chosen some of the most beautiful houseplants that do not need special care and can be easily grown.

Living room basics


The living room is a reflection of your personality and taste. In fact your entire house is an extension of what you are however the living room is one area where guests have an easy access, and hence the importance of maintaining as such. Unlike the bedroom which is exclusively reserved for the inmates of [...]

Wall drawings and unique home style

wall art

If there is blank place on the wall, there is an easy and cheap, even free sometimes, way to fill it and change dramatically the interior appearence and create a unique and personal style. The idea is to make a draw on the empty area of the wall or the corner of the wall. If [...]

Decorating with natural flowers

FLowers living room

Natural flowers are a simple and economical way to bring a “fresh” mood and energy in the home, shop, or office. Nature is the allways the best decorator and brings a positive aura. Why not use it for our own purposes, in our own space? With a magical way, the flowers create an elegant, warm [...]

Playing with Curtains for a Living Room Makeover

red curtains

Curtains are great materials to achieve a great makeover for your living room for many reasons. For one thing, curtains are very affordable soft furnishings that can either be bought ready-made or be made-to-measure or make them yourself – and with a world of choices, to boot. For another thing, curtains are fast, easy and [...]

Narrow living room interior design

narrow living room

In some cases the living room is very narrow. This is a serious problem, but even in this case there are allways sollutions to make the living room beautiful and cozy. First of all. WHen the room is narrow you can not have a lot of furnitures and combine sofa , armchairs etc. The only [...]

Wood flooring

wooden floor

Wood flooring are a popular choice for many homeowners and will also often feature in commercial properties. Wood has an ability to uplift the look of almost any room and create a warm welcoming feeling, which is why you would often see wood used in storefronts, reception areas and entrances. There are many options and [...]

Feng shui decoration

feng shui living room

Here are some simple tips, you can easily try in your home or any of your rooms to help positive energy to enter your life. Remember, though, that Feng Shui is not magic. Its effects are not instantaneous. You must leave a little time, so that the energy enters the house and gradually affect the [...]

Sofa beds and daybeds


Sofa beds with opening system and daybeds, are quite common, especially in small appartments and small bedrooms. You save a lot of space , as you combine sofa and bed at one furniture, and you can also save money , as they do not cost a lot. Sofa bed with opening system is ideal for [...]

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