Fabric wall decoration

fabric wall decoration

Do you have nice pieces of fabric that you can not use either because they are too small or because you do not need curtains or covers? You can place them on the wall! Make this one, two or more frames! My favourite personal is using 3 long frames or even more small ones. A very nice, fast and inexpensive idea to decorate a wall with frames made of canvas and fabric.

This is a great idea, fabrics circulating now are gorgeous, with amazing designs and patterns, and you can find several financially …. the amount of fabric needed for this also is very small ….. Of course you can always combine the frame on the wall with the fabric of the sofa or chair in front and having a harmonious result so …. Or the kids’ room, to use the fabric from the cover of the bed frame to build. you should just be carefull not to caver very large area of the wall using very fancy fabrics that are not relevant to the sofas curtains and other furniture and home accesories. Something similar just remembered that I had done before, but to stick on the canvas fabric …. I was just behind to clinch nailer. I made two tables placed above the desk and pinned to serve on the school curriculum and our paintings ….

The cost of that is very small even if we use the best fabric considering that we will use less than 0,5 square meter or less than 5 square feet. How about creating this? I think it is quite easy and everybody can do it. Besides canvas we can also use wood, mdf or plywood to secure the fabric …. we can stick, or just secure it with pins …. You can leave it minimal or to decorate with extra braids, ribbons and other decorative items. That was all! And I think the result can be really amazing. According to the pattern of the fabric this idea can be used either for modern interior or classic interior. ABout what color and pattern to use. SOmething suitable to the rest of the house and the existing fabrics. If it is difficult to choose, black and white is allways the choice that will suit allmost everywhere, especially at modern interior homes.

Let’s see some photos that might be helpful to do that alone. If you have a staple gun, it would be the best way out but if you don’t, use pins or anything similar.
wall fabric 2

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