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Furnishing your First Kitchen

Gioconda - Iosa Ghini Design -snaidero

Moving into your own home and being faced with the prospect of furnishing a kitchen can evoke panic in many people. Our guide aims to set some of these fears to rest, making the experience more pleasant and enjoyable. We believe the best way to tackle this task is to break the shopping into manageable [...]

Modern Yellow and grey Kitchen ideas

modern yellow kitchen

Yellow kitchens used to be popular some years ago. To be honest I never liked the classic yellow kitchens or the full yellow kitchens. But I really love some modern combinations of yellow and grey. Yellow is an intensive color, and it can be a bit tiring for the eyes. My opinion is that it [...]

Make a small kitchen look bigger

kitchen light colors

Kitchen is not just a place where we cook or eat. In modern lifestyle, the kitchen is a place where we spend a big and important part of our day. We eat, we drink our coffee, we talk with our loved ones, we read, watch TV etc. Unfortunately especially in newly built homes in large [...]

Kitchen design and cooking at home


I have seen a lot of kitchens that have a really great and modern design. But not all of them are practical for cooking. So it is very important to make a kitchen that is also convinient! The most important thing of course is to have enough space for everything you need to do, but [...]

Kitchen bar.

kitchen bar

Kitchen bars have been very popular the last years. Modern interior designers use very often a bar at the kitchen. A kitchen bar offers practical sollutions to do a lot of things there. Even having dinner. A kitchen bar can also seperate the kitchen from the living room. Many designers and architects do this trick [...]

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