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Cheap modern wardrobe designs

When have 3 doors, the mirror or the light color looks better in the middle. One more beautiful modern wardrobe.

Wardrobe design is extremely important for any bedroom. In many bedrooms it even has bigger surface than all other furnitures together. But when the bugdet is limited is it possible to have a nice modern wardrobe? It is allways possible to have a good result with a simple and cheap design. Of course it is! [...]

Closet and cabinets tips – sliding wardrobes and cabinets

sliding wardrobe mirror and wood

CLosets and cabinets are essential to any house. You must allways think of the closet not only when thinking of the interior design , but from the beggining when you build your house! And the more women are in the house the more you have to think of the closets! Classic wardrobes have allways been [...]

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