June 22nd 2011
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How to make a room look bigger

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We can give you some advice on how you can create illusion of space to your living room , or any room.

1) Use minimalist interior design. Do not use many furnitures. You must take care so that there is allways a path from the center of the room to move.
Instead of many furnitures in the center of the room , use your main wall

2) Keep the room tidy. Store the magazines, DVD’s etc, somewhere that they are not very obvious. That helps a lot.

3) Use light colors on the walls. Light colors reflect the light and make the room look more bright and large

4) Don’t use many colors in the room’s wall. It would be better if you paint the whole room the same color. That decreases the sense of the edges

5) Room lighting. Take care that the room has good lighting. Sunlight is even better to create the illsusion of space.

6) Use mirrors. Many interior designers use big mirrors to the houses. That can make the room look much bigger! It just needs a bit attention where you place the mirror.

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  • Actually, many of those items you’ve been buying may just help you find the right interior decorating style for your home. Pull them out and try to group them by similarities. Then, step back and take a look at them and thanks for the post.

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