December 4th 2019

Modern black kitchen


Black is allways one of the most impressive colors for home. The negative is that it is a bit tiring so I would not advise to use a lot of black for living room or bedroom, but for kitchen especially combined with some notes of wood or solid bright colors like white or yellow the result can be amazing.

Furthermore it’s very common the kitchen stoves and other electric staff to be shiny black, and sometimes that disturbs the general design of the kitchen. Using black base kitchen for sure there is nothing to disturb you, and any color electrics and accessories can suit perfect. But lets be more specific with specific examples and photos.

Modern black and white kitchen
Modern black and white kitchen, by Siematic company.

Black and white combinations will allways be “classic” modern choice. The maximum contrast that creates the black and white is more easy to create a “wow” result, especially when having interesting 3d shapes. Ideal for homes but also for professional spaces likes cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Curved black kitchen
Black kitchen with curves. Domina by aster cucine company.

Curves can be impressive, black curves even more. The price is usually higher in curved kitchens but sometimes it worths it. Combined with white bench and silver details.

Dark kitchen with marble bar
Kitchen interior with black countertops and cupboards with built in appliances. A marble bar stand with silver stools in the foreground. Design by Theodoridis company

Marble for modern kitchen? Why not, black color can make everything look more interesting. Especially when marble pattern is beautiful and intensive.

Black and wooden kitchen
Modern black and wood kitchen combination. Model Antria by Theodoridis company

More common modern design style kitchen. Full black with wood back. The black kitchen creates a frame and shows better the beautiful wood wall. The result is simple and wonderful.