November 1st 2012

Modern Yellow and grey Kitchen ideas

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Yellow kitchens used to be popular some years ago. To be honest I never liked the classic yellow kitchens or the full yellow kitchens. But I really love some modern combinations of yellow and grey. Yellow is an intensive color, and it can be a bit tiring for the eyes. My opinion is that it should be combined with a neutral color.

I do not consider yellow and white good combination cause the contrast is too low, unless you add more colors. Black and yellow is nice and impressive, but I still don’t like black kitchens. My favourite choice is a medium or a bit dark tone of grey. Grey is one of the most popular colors in modern architecture and modern interior design and as a neutral color can be combined with any color. A grey or a neutral tone of real wood can create amazing combinations.

So if you find white and wooden kitchens boring, and you like something more modern and exciting I consider this combination to be a very good choice! But let’s better see real examples and photos of yellow and grey modern kitchens.

centro grey yellow kitchen
Modern kitchen by Greek company Centro. Yellow, medium tone grey, and some white docorative objects. modern lines and simple but very beautiful kitchen
Yellow kitchen, grey walls and grey kitchen bar with some inox surfaces. The wood flooring is also in neutral tone. Design by Piramide.
Yellow kitchen installed in grey room and some white decor objects . The dining table is really simple and also grey creating a beautiful modern kitchen set. Design by Ala Cusine.
modern yellow kitchen
Luxury modern kitchen by Modiani. Beautiful combination of grey dark tone wood, light grey wood flooring, white and yellow. A really great design.