September 17th 2011
Living room

Sofa covers tips

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Many people spend a lot of money to buy expensive furnitures for the living room. After that , in order to protect the sofa use cheap sofa covers. But your living room now looks cheap and bad taste! If it is to use covers , why should you buy expensive sofa and cheap cover and not the opposite one! Let’s see an example. Someone spends 2500 $ + 60$ covers and has a bad result. Someone alese spends 600 $ + 150$ covers and has a quite nice result. So, spend a bit more for your covers!

sofa cover

And our advise about what sofa covers to choose. Try to avoid covers with many colors and graphics, especially if your interior design is modern. But I would avoid them even at classic interiors. Sofa cover must be simple and have only 2 colors. Most times simple things are the most beautiful, and they are also more easy to be combined!

bad taste sofa cover