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Washi tape decoration

washi tapes

Creating custom decor objects for your home using simple materials does not always need brilliant talent and skills. Any amatuer having some enthusiasm, patience and imagination can create something beautiful, stylist and special that will change the image of your personal space and your mood. The adhesive tape or washi tapes (as they are called [...]

Fabric wall decoration

fabric wall decoration

Do you have nice pieces of fabric that you can not use either because they are too small or because you do not need curtains or covers? You can place them on the wall! Make this one, two or more frames! My favourite personal is using 3 long frames or even more small ones. A [...]

Decorating without money


Decorating, or redecorating a house is usually an expensive idea and one that many people dream of without ever having the means to do it. A lot of people suggest getting loans or credit cards to cover the debt with the rationale being that the extra equity you generate in the redevelopment will cover the [...]

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