December 2nd 2011
Decorating tips

Decorating without money


Decorating, or redecorating a house is usually an expensive idea and one that many people dream of without ever having the means to do it. A lot of people suggest getting loans or credit cards to cover the debt with the rationale being that the extra equity you generate in the redevelopment will cover the cost of borrowing.

Anyway, Decorating does not allways require a lot of money. You can make a great interior design without spending a lot.

Here are some tips for cheap decoration:

  • Follow minimalist interior design with a few but nice furniture.
  • The couch and sofa, are maybe the most expensive part of the living room. You can get very cheap used ones, as many people change their furnitures. Then you get some nice covers and you hide the old sofa and any problem that it might have. If you allready have a sofa and you want to change it , things are even more simple. Just get new covers! The living room will change completely!
  • Instead of a large and expensive wall furniture, you can buy a simple, small but modern TV furniture, and use wall picture (or pictures) to fill the empty space.
  • Get a small modern and cheap coffee table. There are very cheap glass coffee tables that also look great.
  • Dining room table is not nessecary at minimalist interior design. You can have a small and cheap dining table at the kitchen .
  • In the children’s room , use simple furnitures and use a colorfull wall poster.

My opinion is not to spend money if you don’t have money. If you have a standard salary and you are completely certain there are solutions. Broadly speaking there are two ways to develop a house, either you pay for everything up front and do it in one lump sum, or you invest slowly and steadily and do the work across a protracted period. However, an option might be to use your mortgage or get a personal loan. However always the best option is to pay what you can afford, and it is amazing what you can do sometimes with just a few money!