Washi tape decoration

washi tapes

Creating custom decor objects for your home using simple materials does not always need brilliant talent and skills. Any amatuer having some enthusiasm, patience and imagination can create something beautiful, stylist and special that will change the image of your personal space and your mood. The adhesive tape or washi tapes (as they are called officially in the dens of craftsmanship) is a great material for quick but entirely impressive interior change, undeniably low budget option, both ephemeral and permanent, for temporal or permanant decoration. Moreover, the patterns can be installed on any surface. WIshi tapes are also ideal for children room’s as the kids can play make the room as they like it in order to play and make the atmosphere more pleasant and playful, and furthermore they can be removed easily anytime you want. Decorative washi tapes can be found in bookstores and shops with handicrafts, even at super markets. And of course there is allways the sollution of amazon and ebay where you can find anything. Let’s see some options of different decor objects you can do using washi tape.

vase decoration washi tape

Vases and bottles decoration. Even a simple bottle can turn to a beautiful vase with some washi tapes

washi tape pots decoration

Make the pots more colorful and live. Ideal if you have intensive color flowers

kids room washi tape decoration

There are plenty of options for the children’s room, the kids can love it.

washi tape bedroom

A Simple linear addition with washi tape can make your bedroom more modern and colorful.

washi tape lighting

Light shades can become fancy and live


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