December 12th 2019
Decorating tips

Airbnb interior design advice

It is becoming more and more popular adding your apartment to Airbnb or some other booking platform, as it is often a very good extra income especially if you do not want to rent it long term.

But competition becomes harder and harder so it is necessary to improve your interior design in order your apartment to remain popular. We present some general tips to help you build or improve your airbnb.


One of the most important things for travelers is the bed and bedroom. The bed is the most important furniture in the house as it is the place for rest and… not only! 😉

Bed must always be comfortable, strong and clean. The most easy way to make it look big and clean, is with the bed covering. Both sheets better have same color, as this creates the feeling that is bigger and more comfortable.

Usually bed sheets are white, and there is reason for that. White looks bright, clean and makes bed look bigger. Also white sheets can be washed well without the fear of losing color.

For bed design, we suggest simple and strong designs. Keep in mind also that could have very heavy or very… active guests.


Extra pillows are important not only for comfort but also for decor in order to create a visual interest and give character to the rooms. Add some on the pillow and the bedroom.

What you must be very careful with, is the colors and the motives. If your house looks boring, some colorful pillows can renew it and give more life.

Art and pictures

Guests are searching for some cosy but also hotel atmosphere. Personal pictures on the walls do not help. Choose big size art for wall combined with existing decoration. You can choose neutral or black and white pictures, or if your house is modern you can use pop-art.


Make your bathroom like a small oasis for travellers. Think how a spa is decorated: candles, towel sets (offer seperate towels for body and face at the same color).

Some plant could also refresh the space. You can also add a disk with bath accesories and armenities like shampoo, body cream, shower gel and hair conditioner.


If you have balcony or veranta you should not neglect, especially if there is some view to the city, or the sea, or the mountain, depending on where your airbnb is located. But even if there is not view, guests love to relax at open air. Could buy a ready balcony set and add some pots with plants and make your balcony lounge place.

Bright studio with white furniture and red color lights
Porta 33 airbnb apartment in Porto, Portugal.
Modern black and wood studio with white bed
Thessaloniki, Greece Waterfront apartment by Alexandra.
Modern living room with sea view
Luxury energy 1104 airbnb in Medelin, Colombia