June 12th 2012
Bedroom, Decorating tips

Bedroom design tips

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Bedroom is one of the most important parts of modern living. Specifies the relaxation and makes sure you are ready for your next challenging day! And it’s not nessecary to spend a lot of money to get a nice and cozy bedroom.In this article we will show you how with 5 simple and smart tips to create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom.

Focus on the bed
The bed is of course the most important thing in the bedroom, so the choice must be done correctly! A very large bed and the bedroom will look small and compressed, very small one on the other would not be comfortable and will look odd in space! So we always start by choosing the appropriate bed which will fit perfectly with our space!

Leave walking space around the bed
Place the bed in the bedroom taking care first to have created the necessary corridors to move freely in space around bed in the bedroom, in general. It can be very useful especially for “night hiking”!

Give your bedroom the right character
Make sure the bedroom has its own character. There is the office is not living but a place where you relax and finish your day! Give this identity we so longed radiates calm and serenity that we all need to relax!Watch the colorsIf you choose morning press strongly, yet warm colors for your bedroom. On the contrary if you select evening calm and soothing colors!

Nice and luxury covers

The secret to show your bedroom such as those seen in 5 star hotels are luxury linen and quilts! Buy comforters as quality hotels. It will not cost you, and will radically change the image of your bedroom! The larger surface seen on the bedroom is not the headboards or the side of the bed but what is on the bed. So if the cover of the bed is luxury , then all the bed and all the bedroom will look more luxury and will also have a better sense when you sleep there.