May 29th 2011
Decorating tips

Decorating with Bonsai Trees


Decorating your home with house plants provides the finishing touch to your decor. Most people use artificial flowers and greenery which adds a nice touch. Dare to be a little different and add one or two Bonsai Trees. They provide an added dimension of interest with their intricate shapes and beauty! Your guests will be sure to notice and they will a become a conversational piece.
If you don’t have a green thumb or you don’t have a lot of time to care for a bonsai tree try one of the trees shown below. They tolerate low or high lighting conditions, they are forgiving if you neglect to water on a timely basis and they tolerate a wide range of temperatures. These trees the easiest to care for. Below is a small sample of easy to grow bonsai trees,

artificial bonjaiOkay you say, I love the look of the bonsai tree but I don’t want to spend the time and trouble trying to grow them. I kill every house plant I bring into the house. Well all is not lost! Artificial Bonsai Trees are what you are looking for. This stunning and wonderfully crafted artificial Chinese Elm bonsai tree is perfect for stores, restaurants, office buildings, reception areas or anywhere where a live tree may be neglected. Click Here for info on Artificial Bonsai Trees

For those of you who have green thumbs and have the time to care for your plants the small sample section listed below is for you! Click here to see the entire group of plants.
Hawaiian Umbrella Tree
In Lava Rock
(Arboricola Schefflera)
Green Island Small
Ficus Microcarpa
Ficus ‘Too Little’ – Medium
(ficus benjamina “too little”)
For instructions on how to grow Bonsai trees to keep them healthy and thriving Click Here
Snow Rose Serissa -Large
(Serissa Foetida)
Chinese Flowering White Serissa
Tree of a Thousand Stars
(Serissa Japonica)
Fukien Tea – Extra Large (carmona)

And my favourite one