May 28th 2011
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Kid’s room wall cheap decorating ideas

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Any kid’s room, Even a small and simple bedroom with cheap furnitures can really change completely with the appropriate wall decoration, like a poster or decals. Posters and decals are also not so expensive. SO at a cheap price you can make your children’s room look more nice and more happy! Adding decals on the wall is easy. Just find the appropriate ones to suit to the room interior design. It is a great decorating idea , and your kid is going to love it. It also has to be something that calms your children,wall decals because they often look the animals and the pictures on the wall and make stories before go to sleep and not only. Poster is also a not expensive and good decorating idea. It is even better for the interior design if the poster does not only cover a part of the wall , but cover all the wall. Maybe you can find the smallest serface wall and cover it full by a giant poster. that will look fantastic! There is also the sollution to paint the wall with cartoons or something but this is really difficult and it is going to cost you much more than posters and decals. Check the photo underneath to see how a very simple kids bedroom with very cheap furnitures can become live and beautiful!
kids bedroom giant poster

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