December 18th 2019
Decorating tips

Chalet interior design advices

Chalets are very popular getaways, in order to leave the city and go to the nature and the fresh air. The point of the chalet is to go away from the city and relax near nature. So, when designing and decorating a chalet, we should allways emphasize on creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere based as much as possible on natural elements and materials.

Chalets are usually created by wood. Wood as a natural material allways creates cosy atmosphere and nice energy. If you want to create chalet style, you can still cover a wall or even more walls with planks or laminate. But be carefull, the wood walls are decor on their own, and you should keep more minimal decoration, especially on the walls, else the interior will become noisy and disturbing.

When there is view or nature nearby, the bigger surface of glass the more imporessive and cosy it becomes, giving also a more modern and elegant tone without disturbing at all the classic wood style.

Chalet interior design
Wood, rocks and glass create a cosy and elegant interior that anyone would love. Chalet Nikita by location4saisons in Canada.
Chalet interior
Simple and elegant decor that does not take your attention from wonderful view and walls. Chalet Bonita by location4saisons in Canada.
Nature house interior
Amazing nature house interior. Simple modern and elegant design and huge surface of glass, creating an fantastic modern result. Lakefront scandinavian Cabin near Tremblant, Canada. Available through airbnb