December 20th 2019
Decorating tips

Custom headboards ideas

The headboard is the construction on the top of the bed and exists for both
aesthitical and practical reasons. Many bed have it by default, but it is a very nice fashion to buy only the base and make a custom headboard in order to create something unique and add our personal style and note at the bedroom.

The headboard is the part of the bed that we see most, so we should pay special attention when choosing it, or creating it. There are many ready ones you can buy, you can order a custom from a curpenter, or build by your self. Lets see some different options.

Wood Headboard

Wood is one of the most classic choices for headboard. It creates cosy and elegant style and can be combined with many different bedroom interiors and colors. It is very common in hotels as it also very easy to clean and maintain. It suites to many different styles from classic till modern, vintage, roustique, romantic etc. You can find ready ones, order, but it is also possible to make yourself. Can be solid piece of wood, or planks.

Bedroom in dark gray color

Fabric headboards

Fabric headboard is also very common and it is very easy to change and renew simply buy choosing a different color or patern. One of the most classic options is the velvet fabrics as it creates cosy atmosphere and is also pleasant and soft when touching it. Also the artificial leather fabric creates the sence of luxury and is also more easy to be cleans.

Bedroom in gray with white bed

Pillows headboard

The most simple and cheap solution is to use simply a lot of pillows. This creates a cozy and romantic style and creates a relaxing mood. It can also be very practical to sit and lay with many different options. If you choose this option we recommend a more intensive wall decoration.

Headboard with shelves

Some extra storing place is allways welcomed, and at the same time can create style especially if you add some interesting decor objects. It is also usufull to place things that you might use on bed like your tablet, laptop, book etc.

Bed with drawers

Built headboard

One more choice is to build a headboard using bricks or plasterboard. Main characteristic is that is very stable and strong. It can also be combined with shelves or other constructions and create interesting hidden lighting. It also creates some extra thermal and sound protection near the area of the bed.

Custom headboard

Of course can be used any material and create many different constructions. We just present the most common and safe choices. So Good luck if you intend to make custom one!