May 9th 2016

Cheap modern wardrobe designs

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Wardrobe design is extremely important for any bedroom. In many bedrooms it even has bigger surface than all other furnitures together. But when the bugdet is limited is it possible to have a nice modern wardrobe? It is allways possible to have a good result with a simple and cheap design. Of course it is! The first point is to suit well with the rest of the bedroom. The other point is to choose the right colors! 2 pieces of same wood and 2 pieces of different wood can cost the same but have very different result. Generally use the same flat wood for the whole  surface will look boring, simple and cheap. In classic wardrobes that doors and frames are not flat might look fine, but not so much in simple non expensive wardrobes made by flat melamine for example.

Usually we combine 2 colors, one dark and one light that can be even white. The other choise is to combine with mirror. Mirror can suit with any type and color. When we choose a color pair will be better if there is connection to the 2 colors. Wood does not look solid , usually has 2 different colors, the base and the wood effect colors. If the base is close to the woodeffect of the other will have a great combination. But every wood effect is different, so we can not create a general rule. Just make sure you see them next to eachother!! For example one classic combination is Wenge (Dark Brown)  and Oak (Begue)

But let’s better see live examples of some wondeful simple wardrobes.

A beautiful combination of Walnut and beague Melamine.
White color and mirror with silver frame. White, silver and mirror are all neautral and easy to combine!
A beautiful combination of Oak and Mirror. The thin black lines make the design even more modern and special
When have 3 doors, the mirror or the light color looks better in the middle. One more beautiful modern wardrobe.
A very good example of a typical wardrobe that gets a modern and special style just by changing color of the middle doors without increase the cost.