March 9th 2015
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Beautiful and popular houseplants


Having a real houseplant is one of best things to do as it filters and cleans the air and makes atmosphere inside the house more healthy. Better air quality, better health, better life quality
From the other hand they can also look amazing and improve greatly the atmosphere and the interior design especially in the living room. We all know that there is no better Architect and designer that nature!

We have chosen some of the most beautiful houseplants that do not need special care and can be easily grown.

Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm
Kentia Palm. One of the most beautiful houseplants.

Kentia Palm is an exotic plant that I would really recommend for a modern living room. It is one of the most beautiful plants for interior decoration. In height can surpass 2 meters. Due to the slow growth can be left in the same pot for several years (3-5 years) without having transplanting. Some time the soil is dry, lift the plant from the pot, if the ball of soil appears to consist mainly of roots than soil, it is the moment to change pot.
It grows in bright places but without direct contact with the sun, because that can burn the leaves. If a point is very bright it will grow fast and will have a more compact shape. The ideal orientation regarding lighting, is near a northern or eastern window. Not withstanding the cold currents, very low temperatures and generally frost. Avoid letting the leaves lean in windows when the temperature outside is very low. The soil should be light, contain perlite to retain moisture and has good drainage. Lubrication from March to early October will help a lot in the development of kendo. Kentia Palm usually attacked by spider mites and scale insects. Always clean the leaves with warm water to reduce the chances of infection. To eliminate the disease (if found) Spray with special preparation to be procured.

Pachira Aquatica

Pachira Aquatica - Money tree
Pachira Aquatica or Money tree. Strong, beautiful and special

An other really beautiful houseplant that is very strong and does not require special care. It is also called money tree and it is considered to bring good luck and money, one of the most popular plants in Feng-Shui.  Pachira can adapt very well in different conditions, generally needs light, just avoid direct sunlight during hot Summer days.

Dracaena Marginata

Dracaena marginata
Dracaena marginata, one of the most popular houseplants in the world

An other exotic style houseplant is Dracaena Marginata. It is really popular, as it is cheap, strong and beautiful. Can be found anywhere and it worths having one in the house or at the balcony.


Dieffenbachia can be very impressive when it grows

Dieffenbachia is an other popular indoor plant. In most cases we meet it in small sizes but can also grow and become even more impressive. Main characteristic is the big leaves.

These are my suggestions. An other thing we should pay special attention is the pot. Choose a beautiful pot that is combined to the rest of the house. If you are confused the most easy sollution is a white pot.