November 27th 2011
Decorating tips, Living room, Wall decor

How to choose a picture for the living room

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A great mistake many people do, is choosing wrong picture or picture frames for the living room. I also know a lot of people who own an old expensive picture, and they use it on their modern living room even if it is completely irrelevant, just because it’s nice and expensive.

The picture, or pictures, are a part of the interior design, it is not just something to fill the empty wall. So it has to be suitable to the firnitures and the colors of the walls. An other important thing is the frame of the picture! If your interior design is modern, you can change your classic picture by adding a modern frame. Black frames are the easy sollution that works at allmost any case. Black is generally the color that fits with any other color. You should avoid it only if there is nothing else that is black in the room.

Furthermore, if you have a modern living room, the picture does not need to be a painting, it can be a simple picture with a few colors. Finally, about the place of the picture. It is not good the picture to be very close to the furniture. And also it’s better to be centered. So the ideal size of the picture is near “wall free space – 1 til 1,5 meters”.