November 28th 2011
Decorating tips

Add luxury to your home without doing any decorating

if you don’t fancy donning overalls, pasting wallpaper and dripping paint everywhere but still want to update your home and add a little luxury to your property, don’t worry; we are on hand to help with these handy suggestions on how to add luxury to your home without decorating.

Spruce up the bed

If you can’t afford a completely new bed or headboard, all you need to do to change to mood of the bedroom is update the bedding. There are myriad colours, materials and finishes that will make you want to jump into bed with it.

Switch out the soft furnishings

Curtains, cushions and throws are fairly cheap to change but can seriously alter the style of a room. You can change from heavy to lightweight curtains or switch from bold and colourful to soft and patterned cushions; the trick is to create a mood that runs throughout your property. Create a colour palette or mood board using swatches of fabric and images of items you love to create your own style in your home.

Throw some light on it

Light makes everything look bigger. Clever usage of lighting, such as wall up-lighters, freestanding lamps and table lamps means you can create the feeling of space where there isn’t any. You can form new shapes and shadows. Lighting should be soft and gentle; but it should enhance the room and not leave you lurking in the dark.

Mirrors are another way of creating light in places where it is lacking. By reflecting both natural and unnatural light, mirrors can make rooms look and feel bigger. Try and place your mirror strategically; locate it near to window so it can actively reflect the light throughout the room.

Get arty

If your home is a blank canvas of whites, off-whites and creams, inject colour, pattern and interest through artwork. These needn’t be anything expensive; classic adverts, posters from your favourite art galleries, collages of postcards, photos on canvas and family portraits all help bring your home to life.


Plants are not only healthy to have around the home as they recycle the air, the add colour and real sense of life and growth. Flowing plants can be used to boost colour with gerberas, pansies, lilies and roses all ideal. Green leafy plants are like living sculptures that when combined with lighting create amazing shadows and pattern on the walls.