December 2nd 2019
Decorating tips, Living room

Long and narrow apartment interior tips

If your house or living room is long and narrow, there are some things you can do in order to make it look not so long and strange. 

  • Paint
    Room painting is allways very important, in such cases even more. Use more dark color at the long side than the narrow side, as bright colors make walls look bigger. You can also use stripes to create more intensive effect of space illusion.
  • Create Separate areas
    Especially when kitchen dining room and living room are united in a small long room, you should visually divide the area into different zones. Kitchen zone and living room zone should be clearly separated, and we don’t mean by building a full wall but with furnitures and decors. Of course can also build partially a wall like fridge box or kitchen bar.
  • Don’t block the walkway
    When someone walks from the one side to the other should not make manuvers but there must exist a straight walkway. This is for both practical and visual reasons.
  • Use the height of the walls
    Make bookshelves or other furnitures or constructions that will reach till the ceiling. You can also use decor objects instead. Do not be afraid to add decor till the top of your wall.
  • Use mirrors
    Mirrors create more light and also make space looking bigger. So adding mirrors at the long walls is definately a good idea.
  • Use round objects
    Round and oval furnitures and objects break the long lines and create a more smooth vision.
  • narrow TV furniture
    The Tv furniture should be narrow and the upper selves or boxes should be even more narrow, or even not use at all.
  • L shape sofe
    If length is big, L shape sofa breaks the long vision and also seperates the area into zones. Of course if house is both narrow and smallthere will propably not be enough space for it.

To make a very beautiful interior at a very narrow house or room is allways a big challenge for interior designers, so good luck if you want to try that on your own!

Living room with hidden blue lighting
Adams luxury villa in Vironas area, Athens Greece. Beautiful interior design and very clear area seperation. Available for rent through airbnb in Athens.
White living room with volumetric designs
Amazing penthouse downtown Athens, Greece. Even without colors, in full white, interior designer broke the long wall by 3d shapes. Available through airbnb in Athens.

Modern living room with white kitchen separated with gray sofa
Dallas luxury hottub apartment. Beautiful interior design of long house without any wall or shape. Available for rent in Dallas.