June 11th 2011
Bedroom, Decorating tips, Living room

Modern curtains – colors and tips


Curtains can be a very important detail for a living room or a bedroom. They can give a special character to a room and make it look classic, modern, live , serious etc. For a modern house we propose bright and not funcy colour curtains. If you like funcy curtains, it needs a lot of attention as it is difficult to suit them without the help of a professional interior designer. Most funcy curtains I see at houses are “kitsch”. At children’s bedroom you can use live cartoon curtains, but not multi colour red – orange ones. If you don’t like single color curtains, you can try 2 color ones, like black and white for example, with simple design. If you want to be sure, a great choice for curtains color is allways white and grey for a modern living room. Of course the curtains allways depend on the room. they must be connected to the room color and design. Our general advice is just to avoid funcy color and design curtains. Simple things can sometimes be really beautiful!

moden living room curtain