November 10th 2013
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New parents bedroom redecoration

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The birth of a child allways creates the need to redecorate the bedroom. Even if you have prepared a room for the baby, the first months, be sure that you will need to have it at your side if not allways, very often.

So it is good to create a comfortable environment for you and your baby in the main bedroom , so that your daily life is as easy as possible.

Bedroom decor : above all safety.

The first concern for bedroom decor should be safety. Remove or move to other rooms heavy and fragile items such as vases or particular projects. Store the iron and cover sharp edges with fabric.

The main thing is that you can move freely around the room and have enough space. Pay special attention to hanging objects and fixtures – chandeliers which would suggest to replace even for a few months with conventional , to avoid any possible accident.

Still , do not stick phosphorescent stickers on ceiling and remove mirrors from the room. Infants during the first months of life have a special relationship with light and would be good not to disturb .

Finally , planters and flowers should be moved anyway in another room or on the balcony and the same should be doing and for electrical appliances such as TV , which even in stand by position emits energy that disturbs the sleep of your baby.

Bedroom decor : the essentials.

You should also think about specific furniture that will facilitate your daily life . An armchair to sit comfortably near the baby’s bed which will be convinient for feeding and lulling.

It is also necessary to have drawers with special surface so you can change dipers to the baby. There you can have all the necessities for the child so you do not need in the night to go from room to room for the basics.

Bedroom decor : furniture positions .

Special attention should be paid to furniture placement . The decoration of the bedroom , the priority now is to calm your baby. A baby cot would be good not to be located under the main light or next to library, and also keep distance from the heater or air conditioner.

Keep also a safe distance from the window , especially not to disturb the morning sunlight child’s sleep .
Around the bed should be space for baby and for you to move yourself freely.
Remember however that the bedroom decor for new parents should not be done in stress as this can lead to carelessness .
Give priority to safety , comfort and functionality and that helps you in your everyday life .

Of course your bedroom might not be big enough in order to be able to follow all we have said. Then you should think and try what is more important for you and find the best sollution.