July 29th 2012
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Tips for cozy and relaxing home

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Nowadays, especially in big cities, rhythms of life are very fast and the way of life is quite stressful. Under such conditions, there is a need to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in your home. Creating a place with natural elements and colors inspired by nature is always the best way to do it, as nature allways know better. Let’s see a few tips to make our home interior less stressful.

Unite the exterior and interior

Inspired interior design is based most of the times on the union of the interior and external environment . The secret on that is the use of natural materials that can be found outside, like bamboo, wood, rocks and plants. The boundaries between outside and inside are blurred, Creating this way a serene and peaceful place you will love. Take advantage of the large windows in your home to bring the outside view through and moved out of the colors in your space.

Natural colors are relaxing

The cool blue of the sky or ocean inspired colors. The sage color and hue of the sand of the beach, offers a unique style, the green of the forest. Nature knows the way and natural colors are relaxing. Use them in the lounge, the dining room, help your guests relax. Consider using more soft pastel colors in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Use and decorate your balcony, patio or garden.

I have seen many houses having a patio or a garden and not use it. Decorate it in a nice way and spend some time there. You will see that it will become one of your favourite areas to sit and relax

Details on the exterior of your home

Architecture minimalist lines and strong wood, concrete, combined with natural materials can make your home’s exterior look again relaxing and cozy as your living room.

Find what relaxes you and get it to your home

It could be the soft music, art, family heirlooms, objects of different places you’ve visited, a color or style wall. Give also on quality of touch. You will be redirected to a sense of connection with nature, as well as connecting with the inner yourself. One of the advantages of creating is what gives you an excuse to relax, slow down the beautiful feelings to go and breathe the atmosphere of your home. If you are looking for inspiration, searching the internet for indoor spa, and in houses that focus on relaxing colors, sounds and moods. Many people believe that a feng shui practitioner can also help you create a home that will bring positive energy and deflect negative energy through the placement of furniture and other interior components.

beautiful cozy and relaxing interior design by Peter Frank with natural materials and colors inspired by nature