September 11th 2012
Decorating tips, Living room

Decorating with natural flowers

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Natural flowers are a simple and economical way to bring a “fresh” mood and energy in the home, shop, or office. Nature is the allways the best decorator and brings a positive aura. Why not use it for our own purposes, in our own space? With a magical way, the flowers create an elegant, warm and pleasant environment in space fitted. Furthermore , it is healthy and good for the air quality and the energy of the house if you have natural live  flowers. With an endless choice of colors and shapes, the choice of flowers can be another way to express your personality through decorating your living room or bedroom. Besides, the way we integrate them in a room, can change the whole style of the interior. There are many ways you can decorate with flowers. Let your imagination take part decorator and experiment with combinations and compositions that dare-why not escape the traditional vase.

Here are some tips on alternative ways in which you can make your home to ‘blossom’

  • The obvious … remove the jars from your cupboards, fill them with flowers and place them in the center or at the edge of your table in the kitchen or dining room, a side table in the living room, at your buffet, dresser in your bedroom, on the windowsill of your window!
  • Avoid using traditional vases and use alternative containers, jars, colored bottles, old pots and bowls. You can also paint them yourself. This will give a more personal and unique style at your home interior.
  • Even tall glasses or mugs can be used to decorate some flowers, especially if you are young or just looking to keep their flowers. So you can place them even on the shelves of a library, or a small table as a charming decorative detail.
  • Try not to limit yourself to one large jar or container of any kind, but to combine a collection of tracks that would serve this purpose, at different heights and sizes, and colors-why not sharing your bouquet to them. Today that choice is one of the most prevalent trends in decorating with flowers. Worth playing with colorful glasses and bottles.

Tip! Do not be too quick to throw the bouquet when you begin to wilt your flowers! Consider new combinations, eg Cut the flowers remain fresh and fit them into one or more small cups or bottles! And you do not need to buy large buckets of expensive flowers. You can decorate your living room or bedroom using even a single flower.