February 13th 2020
Bedroom, Decorating tips, kitchen, Living room, Wall decor

White color interiors


White is the most bright, relaxing and neutral color. It can be combined with everything and makes space look bigger. Of course someone could say that white is boring. Of course it can be boring as any other color according to the interior design but can be very interesting even as dominating color especially in minimal designs. Let’s see some real examples that white dominates and creates amazing results.

Full white home. Minimal modern style using full white and some small colorful (red and yellow) decor details. Amazing Athens downtown penthouse, available for rent through airbnb in Athens Greece
Greek style bedroom
In Greek architecture white is dominating color and Greek islands are certainly not boring! Photo from Andronikos hotel in Mykonos island. Design by Klab architects
white kitchen
Full white kitchen with black details. Modern kitchen design by snaidero
Full white kitchen and living room area with black details combining with black tv. Small wood details can also suit well. Modern 303 suite Athens available for rent in Athens Greece

It is common also to create shapes on the walls and roof if you have full white walls to have more interesting result without color. The led lighting will make these shapes impressive during night. 3 at 4 of my chosen photos are from Greece and it’s not coinsidence as white dominates at the modern Greek, Aegean or cycladic architecture. And if you haven’t visited the Greek islands I would advise you to do it!