February 6th 2020
Bedroom, kitchen, Living room, Wall decor

Room dividers ideas

A stylish room divider can change entirely all the house or living room. Room dividers are usually used in studios to seperate bedroom but in larger apartments as well for example to seperate living room and dining room, living room and kitchen etc. There are many different forms and materials for room dividers and for many different bugdets. So you can choose what suits more in your interior.

Wood room divider Wood is allways a good and easy choice that can be combined in many different styles from classic til modern. Wood is also easy to be combined with the colors of your house, especially the bright ones. Solid wood combines cosy and luxury enviroment and can be used in line forms for more modern styles and more artistic forms for classic interiors. The line forms are the most popular and sometimes can create very intersting results.

One example of how huge change can make a beautiful room divider. Wood room divider adjusted to the shape of the roof, turning disadvantage into advantage. Design by ZROBYM arhitects

Metal room dividers are strong and easy to be constructed by steel beams. Furthermore using metal sheets cut at the pantogragh, can create many interesting and artistic ideas. according to the design can adjust to different styles also.

Metal room divider

Plastic panels room dividers is the most cheap and easy sollution to make a stylish seperation without troubling yourself and spending a lot. You can find many options in amazon, ebay, aliexpress and local shops.

Plastic panel room divider selling on line.

Custom room dividers from different materials is allways a good choice but sometimes expensive.

Room divider by blooming company.