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purple bedroom girls

The most common colors for girl’s bedroom is pink and purple. Pink is the traditional color for girls since middles of 20th century. Of course this is established by the magazines and the life style. One of the reasons that pink and light purple is considered suitable for girls is because these colors are light varations of red, which is a femminine and sensual color. So , pink and light purple are more “innocent” varations of red. Furthermore red color rooms are not good for relaxing. So , pink was decided to be a good sollution. The other very popular color is of course white. White is generally the most common color in most interiors and exteriors. Let’s have a look in some very beautiful bedrooms for girls in different colors and styles.

pink girl bedroom

White and pink bedroom for girl. The most common and of course the most succesfull color combination for a girl's room. Modern bedroom set by Doimo city line.

red and white bedroom

Red color can also be a very nice choice for a gir's bedroom, especially combined with white color. In most cases the main color is the white, and red is secondary color in order to keep the balance and relaxing atmosphere that any bedroom needs. Beautiful classic style bedroom By Halley Junior.

purple bedroom girls

Modern bright purple and white bedroom. Purple is a wonderful choice for a young girl's room. And this spesific tone of purple is really great. Design by Sergi Mengot.

green bedroom for girl

Green color bedroom for girls? WHy not. Green is one of the favourite colors of the nature, and one of the most relaxing colors. Classic bedroom by Halley Junior


omantic and Classic Girl Bedroom combining white , pink and some Green. Bedroom set designed by Halley junior


Every girl likes to feel like a princess. Luxury classic white bedroom by Halley Junior. THe beauty of white color.

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