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Living room basics


The living room is a reflection of your personality and taste. In fact your entire house is an extension of what you are however the living room is one area where guests have an easy access, and hence the importance of maintaining as such. Unlike the bedroom which is exclusively reserved for the inmates of [...]

Playing with Curtains for a Living Room Makeover

red curtains

Curtains are great materials to achieve a great makeover for your living room for many reasons. For one thing, curtains are very affordable soft furnishings that can either be bought ready-made or be made-to-measure or make them yourself – and with a world of choices, to boot. For another thing, curtains are fast, easy and [...]

Narrow living room interior design

narrow living room

In some cases the living room is very narrow. This is a serious problem, but even in this case there are allways sollutions to make the living room beautiful and cozy. First of all. WHen the room is narrow you can not have a lot of furnitures and combine sofa , armchairs etc. The only [...]

Living room tables – coffee tables

classic coffe table

Coffee table is really important for the living room. First, for practical reasons , as you want to have or offer to your guests coffee, drink , even food sometimes. But it is also very important for decoration and interior design reasons. The coffee table is at the center of your living room. That means [...]

bookcases and interior design

bookcase tv furniture

Bookcases and bookshelfs are very important not only for practical reasons, but even more nowadays for decoration and interior design reasons. They can decorate your living room’s wall and make your home look more warm and elegant. A very common place for a bookcase is at the tv furniture. That is practical because except to [...]

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