December 10th 2012
Living room

Living room basics

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The living room is a reflection of your personality and taste. In fact your entire house is an extension of what you are however the living room is one area where guests have an easy access, and hence the importance of maintaining as such. Unlike the bedroom which is exclusively reserved for the inmates of the house only, the living room is a social area.

This room can not only be used for hosting parties but can easily serve as your own private space where you can comfortably sit and read or watch TV. By choosing the right furniture, fabrics, colors, lights and draperies it is possible to recreate the ambience of post modern, functional or bohemian. You can make the living room fun, stylish, homely-the choice is absolutely yours. Irrespective of your personal choice it is still possible to create a lasting impression in the minds of your guests only if all the essentials or basics are adhered to.

Sufficient Lighting

Ensure that there is sufficient light-natural or otherwise because that sets the mood for your living room. Lighting is responsible for the warm or cozy feel that one would like to associate with the living room. It is possible to experiment with different types of lights-a lamp shade at the corner for a private read, LED tracks and recessed lights for enhancing the mood. Chandeliers can also be utilized however it is necessary to accessorize the furniture in case a chandelier is installed. Other interesting variations for lights are using it to highlight a particular painting, art object or reading material. Natural light is always good but then it is not always possible to have a source of natural light.


Irrespective of the kind of look that you choose for your living room, remember it is one place in the house where you are going to socialize, sit with a cup of coffee and watch television, so it is necessary that it is as comfortable as possible. The living room should necessarily exude an air of warmth and coziness and hence it is necessary that the interiors are not too jarring unless you wish to create special effects.
Pale shades work fine for every kind of living room interior.


In order to create a lasting impression, there should be something unique about your living room; it could be a painting or an artifact or even a collection of reading material.


Arrange furniture and stuff in such a manner that there is enough space to move about.