January 26th 2020
Decorating tips, Wall decor

Bamboo decorating and design ideas

Bamboo interior designs bring us pictures of holidays in exotic or mediteranean islands. As natural and bright color material, creates a nice and cosy atmosphere and can be combined with many different colors and accesories. It is very common for beach houses, seaside resorts and some Asian countries. but bamboo has start entering last years many modern interiors too. Let’s see some modern examples with different bamboo styles.

One style is to use bamboo as main material. This is very common in Caribbean, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam etc. We all have seen somewhere some picture with the bamboo house, the palms and the sea. The bamboo house is a great choice for resorts and nature houses.

Bamboo beach house in Mystique island, Caribbean. Design by Veere Grenney. Very cosy and relaxing atmosphere created by the natural materials and colors.
Modern living room using traditional materials. Amazing and unique design by Veere Grenney

Of course bamboo can be used to decorate, and not as main material. Can be combined with many different colors. One of the most beloved styles using bamboo is the Greek mediterranean style, can also be heard as Cycladic style or Aegean style. It’s very interesting the combination of the bamboo and the white walls and wood.

Modern cycladic interior combining bamboo and white. Andronikos hotel in Mykonos island Greece. Design by Klab architects and photo by Akis Paraskevopoulos
Bamboo dream house for holidays! All house is built just with wood and bamboo. Bambu Indah resort in Bali Indonesia.

Of course Bamboo decorating is popular many years in many Asian countries like in Japan. it is also considered very good material for feng shui.

Japanese style interior with wood and bamboo