June 17th 2011
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Cheap lighting sollutions for bedroom & candle lights

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Lighting is very important. Especially for the bedroom and the living room. There are many beautiful expensive lighting solution. But , can we have beautiful lighting in our room without spending a lot of money?

One idea for cheap bedroom lighting , is to have a light just behind the bed. It does not need to be expensive at all , as it will not be obvious. It will be hidden behind the bed and just show some light. But for special nights, there is nothing better and more romantic than the natural light of candles. Candles offer a really beautiful and warm atmosphere. You can have small candles all around your bedroom or your living room. That would turn your room to a beautiful and romantic place. I would really advice that , considering that candles are also very cheap!

Here is the best candles I would suggest you. They sell really cheap on amazon and other e-shops. One suggestion is to buy a lot of candles. 72 candles cost 15$. But 72 candles are going to last for many months , even if you use them very often!

There are also smaller and cheaper candles, but I would advice you to prefer these ones. They last longer and they are more beautiful and safe. The other solution is to get a beautiful candle holder. You can find really beautiful candle holders at cheap price, like this flower candle holder.

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  • Candle lights are beautiful and cheap indeed. I really liked the information. Appreciation for the post.

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