December 28th 2019
Decorating tips, Living room

Interior stairs for lofts and maisonettes

Stairs are propably the most important element when designing a maisonette or a loft. First it can define the space and second it is huge parameter at the visual result. There are two main interior design options in such cases, to try to hide or to try to show.

Option 1: Hide the interior stairs

To hide the stairs is classic and safe sollution. Usually can do it at the end of the apartment, at some corner, behind some room, even behind the kitchen. The exact form and size of the building will give the designer the chance to find the best option.

maisonette interior stairs behind kitchen
Wonderful design and stairs hidden very naturally behind the kitchen. Insigton maisonette by Larissa Johnston

Option 2: Show the interior stairs

If you don’t want, or you can not do it because to space limitations the other option is to show! Of course when you show you must not try to save money there because this will determine the style of your apartment. In classic interior it is common only in big houses to see luxury wood stairs with beautiful curves in the middle. In modern interior it is possible even in the most tiny apartment. The metal stairs give the chance to create interesting forms and effects like the effect of the “flying stairs”. Can use different materials like metal, wood and glass.

hanging stars
Metal and wood stairs hanging from the roof in the middle of the apartment. Amazing minimal style design by Haptic architects, Norway. Marcello Donadussi
Modern loft stairs design
For modern lofts, the stairs at the side of the wall is the most common sollution. The use of glass create a more bright and modern atmosphere. Beautiful loft design by idwhite architects in Lithuania. Photo by Leonas Garbacauskas

Interior stairs are usually near living room and as you can also see at the photos, it does not allways disturb but can even upgrade the space.