October 4th 2012
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Make a small kitchen look bigger

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Kitchen is not just a place where we cook or eat. In modern lifestyle, the kitchen is a place where we spend a big and important part of our day. We eat, we drink our coffee, we talk with our loved ones, we read, watch TV etc. Unfortunately especially in newly built homes in large cities the kitchen is much smaller than previous years. Le’ts See a few simple things considering how can a small kitchen seem larger.

Colors for small kitchen

The right colors on the walls and all surfaces, is one of the most important tricks to visually transform a small kitchen in a much greater. To accomplish this exclude dark and very bright colors of the walls of the room. Choose white or shades of yellow that attract and enhance the natural light, making the room seem larger. Something similar applies to all surfaces. Kitchen tables, kitchen cabinets and kitchen counters, paint them all in light and warm colors such as pastel colors, light brown, sand-colored, orange, yellow, pink or blue. Do not be afraid that the kitchen will be subdued. Add vibrant colors in small items, eg towels, utensils or napkins and maybe the chairs of the dining table.

Kitchen Lighting

The right lighting can make a small kitchen seem much larger. This visual effect can be achieved with two ways or the combination of both. Apart from the main light, select special lighting above or below the surfaces of cookware. This effect is called concealed lighting. Apply selecting lights in a line (same kind of lights we use at Christmas, but no Christmas style) and slide them over the kitchen cupboards and your refrigerator. If you choose kitchen lighting hidden beneath the surface, it means to put headlights underneath the kitchen cabinets. Whichever style you choose, however, you will see that the special lighting that will give a completely different atmosphere in the kitchen and would make it look even bigger.

Plants and small kitchen

Let nature help you to make the kitchen seem larger. Placing a few small pots in the kitchen space looks larger. The natural element gives visual stimuli, like opening a window into our mind. To do this select 2-3 small pots and place them on the kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator or some other free corner. If you choose potted basil, chamomile or other herbs that will also fill the room with wonderful fragrances.

Do not forget, however, that the small kitchen always seems warmer, convenient and welcoming a very large kitchen. Regardless of size, decorate it with taste and see the transform in his favorite room in the house.