February 25th 2013
Decorating tips

Easy interior design tips for small sized house

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In order to decorate your small sized house, you need to work towards making the best use of the space. Even though your house is small, it can be designed to appear spacious and cozy. The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind while considering the interior design of your small sized house is to get rid of all the unimportant items that is currently using space of your room. Here are some easy interior design tips for revamping the look of your small sized house:


If you’ve got old fashioned windows that use up much space and block incoming light, you will have to switch to better options like sliding windows along with blinds and drapes. This will allow enough light to pass into your house. You should go for blinds that gel well with the rest of the appeal of your home.


Do not use different colors for your small sized house as this will make it appear gaudy. You should use only one bright color for all the walls. If you want some variation, you can use a slightly different hue of the same color in other rooms.


Translucent items allow light to easily pass through them. You can lighten up the room by using translucent furniture. Before you purchase furniture, you need to measure your house properly. Make a rough design of your room on a paper and try to understand what sized furniture will be suitable for your house.


You can give a refreshing new appeal to your house by using accessories that goes well with the furniture as well as the color of your walls. Cushions, rugs, bed sheets, etc are something that will accentuate the appeal your house. You can two or three sets of such accessories and change them according to different seasons.


Make sure you do well to completely illuminate your house as this will assist in making your house more spacious. First, you need to try your best to make the best use of natural light. You can use beautiful table lamps or recessed lighting to make your house appear inviting. You can also have mirrors throughout your house for reflecting light as well as to make it appear bigger.

Fresh Appeal

You can add fresh appeal to your house by placing potted plants and fresh flowers around your room. If you think it is difficult to manage fresh plants, you can make use of beautiful faux plants that will help in creating the same fresh appeal.

These tips can be easily carried out by anyone and does not require much knowledge on interior designing. Alternatively, you can hire professionals to decorate your small house to make the best use of your space