March 9th 2012
Decorating tips

Using outdoor blinds for patios

Having a party on the patio is great when the weather cooperates. Sometimes the glare from the sun or the temperature is just a little too much. At other times, privacy is desired while still having the feeling of being outdoors.

Outdoor blinds are a stylish, inexpensive way to make your patio more versatile. Many different sizes and widths are available so every patio is covered. Choose from bamboo, wood slats, aluminum or vinyl slats, PVC plastic, plastic “bamboo” blinds, fabric blinds and more. A plethora of colors and fabrics are on the market so any décor can be enhanced with blinds. blinds are available for every type of patio covering. If the patio is accessed by sliding doors, and privacy is needed, vertical or black out blinds are a great option. It does not matter if the door or height is and odd size that is no longer made, they will make blinds that will fit your needs exactly.

If cutting solar glare is desired without blocking the view of the outdoors, choose Phifer Sheer Weave fabric. A continuous loop mechanism raises and lowers the blinds without any hanging cords. This is perfect for children’s safety. The customer can make the blinds roll in the front or back, bypassing obstacles. Many different colors and weave patterns are offered.

For patios with an old world feel, or for those who do not want hanging patio blinds, plantation shutters are a perfect answer. Made in faux wood from eco friendly materials, they are easy to clean and block or filter just the amount of sunlight desired. When closed, they can make the area feel like an interior room, perfect for an evening’s entertainment. Enter the desired measurements and choose the color that suits your décor the best.

To create an outdoor room that feels like it transforms into an interior room, choose solid vinyl sliding panels. They work for interior patio doors and outdoor patio windows as well. They mount to the ceiling or walls, and use Velcro to attach to the traversing mechanism. Easy to clean and maintain, they can be made to fit any window width or height. Many different colors are available, choose matching or contrasting colors for the custom panels.

For those who want only natural materials, choose from woven wood, natural grasses, jute or bamboo. A variety of different colors, sizes and styles are available.