March 18th 2012
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Interior design mistakes

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We list ten of the most common interior design mistakes ,in order to avoid them.

1. Too many or too large furniture

The most common mistake we make when we buy furniture is not to calculate the size of the room, leading to load the room with furniture, among which are difficult to move. The chairs match the sofa corner or composition with bedside tables accompanying the bed may show splendid prospectus in the store, but is not the same in your living room or your bedroom.

If the house does not numbering more than 80 square, prefer to make your own compositions instead of buying ready-made set of furniture, and remember that rules like the one that dictates the sofa must be accompanied by two matching armchairs are outdated. If you worry about where to sit every time your friends, get big, colorful pillows on the floor, which make much warmer atmosphere and can save space when you do not need.

2. Furniture “aligned” on walls

It’s the most boring interior design when all the furniture touch the walls. Especially in large rooms, the result is not only unbearably predictable, but visually ugly, because it leaves ample space in the center of the room, making it asymmetrical. If you are afraid to experiment safely distancing themselves from the solution, and you can not afford to consult an interior designer, try to fill the void with small furniture such as a coffee table, some pillows or, in winter, colorful rugs or carpets that will fool the eye.

3. Lack of color

The white walls are cold and boring, and they do not make the room look bigger as some people say. Dare vibrant colors at least on one of the walls of each room with the exception of the bedroom, which should be pal to help you relax. It will highlight your decor, you will make daily mood and will put your personal style on the house more than any piece of furniture or accessories. And do not worry about how to choose furniture and objects that match the color of the walls: let your imagination run wild and improvise, anything you “go” to match the eye, whether it is not in the same color family as your wall – indeed, in this case the contrast is even more a rule than the affinity of the colors. Remember, just that the color in the room must be repeated to talk with decorative conditions: an orange pad will fall on deaf ears in the absence of surrounding objects or furniture in warm tones corresponding to create the desired color harmony. The repetition rule applies to materials and fabrics-just think of the effect that would make a plastic chair designer blur between wooden furniture.

4. Pictures that hang too high

Even if your ceiling is reminiscent of … cathedral, the pictures and the frames should be hung so that the center be located at a height of around 1.50 to 1.70 meter from the floor. Otherwise, few can see them, and even fewer can appreciate. In addition, your tables will give an asymmetrical feel to the room they are two feet from where it ends, for example, the back of the sofa. The exceptions are very large in size tables, the underside of which, however, again, should not be at a height greater than said. The exaggeration in the number of frames, making the house to resemble the eye and galleries not to watch any of them specifically, should also be avoided.

5. Too many collectibles and decorates

Classic men’s mistake: whole shelves full of movie heroes figures, model airplanes or, worse, old soldiers, Playmobile and indeterminate structures from Kinder surprise. Yes, three or four figures from Star Wars or a Freddie Krueger on your shelf is okay, more is overkill, not only look like one vast whole, and, sorry to disappoint you, reminiscent of a collection of dishes that had been on the wall Grandma you. The excuse that they have great sentimental value is acceptable, no one told him to throw. If one want to see them, apply a system of rotation, alternating on the shelf every week and keeping the rest kept somewhere.

6. Poster with blue tag attached to the wall

There is no thing that screams “teen room” more than that. If you do not want anything to be your framing posters, the Frame least known black sticks up and down and hang from a pin on the wall. Posters from films, black and white photography, antique cars, album covers or artistic nudity is acceptable categories poster. Hot Models in bikini, yellow smileys, legends of complexes 80s, humorous lists and snapshots moto cross racing is not.

7. Garden or patio furniture in the house

The exophthalmos may sound, we have come across this. Because the wooden bench may be obvious that it does not fit in the living room, not the case, however, with the director’s chair, for example, erected next to the white corner sofa, in a failed attempt to mix and match, creating the effect of camping in the living room. To avoid this, but to secure more hours of relaxation, since, apart from unattractive, most outdoor furniture is uncomfortable, let your garden furniture and patio where they belong-outside.

8. Dying plants

There is no more dismal picture of a living organism that has been left to die. Yellow or dried leaves and branches that are drooping downwards, leaving images that ruin the image of the room, and furthermore make damage to consciousness and, by extension, at your disposal. Think seriously about the decision to decorate the living room with houseplants, and do it only if you are sure you will care for them regularly. The same, and even more, of course, applies to imiapoxiramena flowers in the vases. It is worth noting that, according to Feng Shui, dried flowers and plants with negative energy charge space. Plastic flowers and plants, on the other hand, the charge simply bad taste.

9. A single light source

We spent hours leafing through catalogs, shot five or six specialty stores, selected a wonderful fixture to hang on the ceiling of your living room, and another for the bedroom, and were content to them. Right? Wrong. Even if you put the dimmer lights, these light sources are important to give the room just the atmosphere you want at any time. A floor lamp, a limber arm for the light you use when you read a couple of spots facing upward, which might shed light on two tables, can do wonders.

10. Lack of personal style

If you memorize books of interior design magazines and copy photographs will end up living in a beautiful but potentially very impersonal setting that will just be you. The space should reflect your personality and your taste, if for no other reason, to feel yourself comfortable in it. Follow, therefore, the advice of experts to avoid mistakes, trust, however, especially your instincts: if you love the orange couch combined with your pink wall, all other (must be) in excess.