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Beautiful and popular houseplants


Having a real houseplant is one of best things to do as it filters and cleans the air and makes atmosphere inside the house more healthy. Better air quality, better health, better life quality
From the other hand they can also look amazing and improve greatly the atmosphere and the interior design especially in the living room. We all know that there is no better Architect and designer that nature!

We have chosen some of the most beautiful houseplants that do not need special care and can be easily grown.

natural wood modern interior combinations


Natural wood combined with monochrome surfaces can look really amazing. There are many options to do that in the interior. For example, you can find furniture with natural wood base, and single color doors. You can also insert simple solid wood furniture near monochrome walls. You can even combine different furniture. There are actually limitless [...]

Washi tape decoration

washi tapes

Creating custom decor objects for your home using simple materials does not always need brilliant talent and skills. Any amatuer having some enthusiasm, patience and imagination can create something beautiful, stylist and special that will change the image of your personal space and your mood. The adhesive tape or washi tapes (as they are called [...]

Easy Interior Design Tips for Small Sized House

narrow house

In order to decorate your small sized house, you need to work towards making the best use of the space. Even though your house is small, it can be designed to appear spacious and cozy. The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind while considering the interior design of your small [...]

Make a small kitchen look bigger

kitchen light colors

Kitchen is not just a place where we cook or eat. In modern lifestyle, the kitchen is a place where we spend a big and important part of our day. We eat, we drink our coffee, we talk with our loved ones, we read, watch TV etc. Unfortunately especially in newly built homes in large [...]

Decorating with natural flowers

FLowers living room

Natural flowers are a simple and economical way to bring a “fresh” mood and energy in the home, shop, or office. Nature is the allways the best decorator and brings a positive aura. Why not use it for our own purposes, in our own space? With a magical way, the flowers create an elegant, warm [...]

tips for cozy and relaxing home


Nowadays, especially in big cities, rhythms of life are very fast and the way of life is quite stressful. Under such conditions, there is a need to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in your home. Creating a place with natural elements and colors inspired by nature is always the best way to do it, [...]

How to add value to your home most effectively

interior door

Most of the time we make home improvements for two reasons: firstly to create a better living space for ourselves and our families and secondly to add value to our properties. These two reasons are not mutually exclusive. You can create a more liveable space and one that will really add value to your home [...]

Bedroom design tips


bedroom is one of the most important parts of modern living. Specifies the relaxation and makes sure you are ready for your next challenging day! And it’s not nessecary to spend a lot of money to get a nice and cozy bedroom.In this article we will show you how with 5 simple and smart tips [...]

Funny home decoration


In most big cities, There are bars, cafes or other entertainment places with funny interior design , or at least with something strange and funny inside. A funny or suprising decoration affects the mood and makes the atmosphere more pleasant. But how about using the idea of funny interior design in your home? Most people [...]

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