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natural wood modern interior combinations


Natural wood combined with monochrome surfaces can look really amazing. There are many options to do that in the interior. For example, you can find furniture with natural wood base, and single color doors. You can also insert simple solid wood furniture near monochrome walls. You can even combine different furniture. There are actually limitless [...]

High contrast Colors


Notice the color wheel: From the mixing of two of the three primary colors (red, yellow, blue), three composite (orange, green, purple). It is known that combining a primary color with complex located opposite of the color wheel, creating a strong contrast. Thus, combinations of red, green, blue and yellow-orange-purple create the most intense color [...]

Color tips


What type of room would you like?   Bright, soft, warm, or neutral?  Look at your floors, carpets, or a large piece of furniture that you already have, that will be your starting point.  Pull out one of the colors that you want to be your primary color. Then choose one or two of the colors [...]

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