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Funny home decoration


In most big cities, There are bars, cafes or other entertainment places with funny interior design , or at least with something strange and funny inside. A funny or suprising decoration affects the mood and makes the atmosphere more pleasant. But how about using the idea of funny interior design in your home? Most people [...]

Crystal decorations

3d crystal lamp

if you want something special and impressive to decorate your living room or your bedroom, one great idea is crystals. There many kind of crystals. One very popular type, is swarovski crystals. A very common type of swarovski crystals, are animal figures. They are ideal to decorate your living room. The negative is that the [...]

How to make a room look bigger

small modern living room

We can give you some advice on how you can create illusion of space to your living room , or any room. 1) Use minimalist interior design. Do not use many furnitures. You must take care so that there is allways a path from the center of the room to move. Instead of many furnitures [...]

Cheap lighting sollutions for bedroom & candle lights

bedroom candles

Lighting is very important. Especially for the bedroom and the living room. There are many beautiful expensive lighting sollution. But , can we have beautiful lighting in our room without spending a lot of money? One idea for cheap bedroom lighting , is to have a light just behind the bed. It does not need [...]

Children’s Room tips

Children’s Rooms In recent years as the economy has boomed, a certain sector of the retail industry has enjoyed a remarkable explosion: products for babies and kids. In days of old, the prevailing attitude most people had toward clothing and furniture for their kids was one of economy–after all, kids outgrow everything in a just [...]

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