February 14th 2012
Decorating tips, Living room

Feng shui decoration


Here are some simple tips, you can easily try in your home or any of your rooms to help positive energy to enter your life. Remember, though, that Feng Shui is not magic. Its effects are not instantaneous. You must leave a little time, so that the energy enters the house and gradually affect the balance of your life.

  • Place candles in parts of the house that you love to sit, chill and talk. They have decisive positive impact. Candles floating in bowls of water is an excellent cosmetic solution for balancing the element of water (Yin) and the element of fire (yang).
  • If your house is dark, add skylights. If not, turn on lights and use scented candles that add warmth and romance to the atmosphere.
  • Put classical music, especially Mozart and place tables on the rising sun. It will elevate the positive chi.
  • Fill your personal space with decorative objects always in pairs. For example, two ducks, two butterflies, etc. The angels also considered creating positive feng shui to any room.
  • Large mirrors are super for the dining room, provided that they mirror the main entrance and another door that opens outward.
  • Place an aquarium in the northern corner of your living room. They create good Feng Shui.
  • If you have large windows in your bedroom, place heavy curtains, which will close the evening well. This will prevent the removal of vital energy in your body when you sleep.
  • Pull the curtains during the day by releasing the entire window to let the sunlight in space.
  • Open two windows in different rooms of the house to create power and let the fresh air to come in and renew the Yin atmosphere of home. When the sun shines at home, you get a lot of vital energy Yang.
  • If you have a garden, make sure to be a pond on the left side of the main entrance (looking from the inside out).
  • Place healthy plants, deciduous and thornless, because they bring good chi, contain the element of wood and can activate the various corners of the house, especially at work.
  • The toilets should always be neat and clean. Do not embellish with plants, flowers, tables, etc. objects.
  • Close the lid of the pan in the toilet.
  • The kitchen is good to be in such position that “the cooker” can face the room
  • The works of art, sculptures and generally all three-dimensional decorative objects affect the flow of Chi energy in your home or garden. The influence depends on the material and shape.
  • Fresh flowers enhance the chi energy in the house.

And never forget the most important thing. To have positive energy we must feel nice and comfortable in our house. So , if you do not like something and you intend to do it just for the feng shui, it will have negative effect to your psychology and will affect in negative way all your energy.