Bedroom design: bold or natural?


A few months ago, Pantone announced that Emerald is 2013′s Colour of the Year. The energetic shade is great for waking up your kitchen and living room, and if you enjoyedOz: The great and The powerful, you can pretend that James Franco had a say in it, but is it too loud for your bedroom?

The bright green really suits current needs for gadgets in the bedroom. Things like mini fridges and big surround-sound systems for your TV that will give you the cinema experience while you chill. It’s that idea of luxury and excess that suits the colour scheme and people’s need to use the bedroom for things other than sleeping. But what if youdo just want to sleep in there? If you want a natural place that’s stripped back and distraction free, then you’ll want a bedroom design to suit that.

The so called Artisan colour scheme is another design trend this year, and features a more earthy and warm pallette, and, if you’re an explorer or collector of odd items, it “creates the perfect background for treasured antiques and eclectic finds.” Perhaps you find yourself the Ernest Hemingway type, or you just prefer it to the brighter fashions this summer, but one thing is for sure, the more natural looks means you can lower your budget for redecorating.

A great starting point for your new change is the bed itself. Natural or darkened wood frames will help give that ‘well-travelled’ feel, and be a good focal point for the room. There are a good range of wooden beds at, and from there you can work your way out to the rest of the room.

Make sure you consider the layout, as well as the colour, to keep that feeling of calm consistent. Feng Shui writer Terah Kathryn Collins has a few guidelines inFeng Shui A-Z, that, interestingly, go against the idea of having a bedroom packed with gadgets and interactive objects that the Emerald colour scheme seems to play to:

Remove all excess items such as exercise equipment, desks, computers and other “active” furniture. If you must have these items in your room, place them far from your bed and cover them up when not in use.

natural-color-bedroomPhoto Credit: Jinkazamah

The most important thing to realise is that these two contrasts in design are less about your favourite colours, and more on what you want your private space for. There is no good and bad choice, as they are both very accomplished ideas, but if you want somewhere to let go of all the tech of your day, then the natural, wooden look is the one for you. Once you’ve figured that out, you can start making changes, and then, only when it’s finished, you can sleep on it.




Easy Interior Design Tips for Small Sized House

narrow house

In order to decorate your small sized house, you need to work towards making the best use of the space. Even though your house is small, it can be designed to appear spacious and cozy. The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind while considering the interior design of your small sized house is to get rid of all the unimportant items that is currently using space of your room. Here are some easy interior design tips for revamping the look of your small sized house:
If you’ve got old fashioned windows that use up much space and block incoming light, you will have to switch to better options like sliding windows along with blinds and drapes. This will allow enough light to pass into your house. You should go for blinds that gel well with the rest of the appeal of your home.

Do not use different colors for your small sized house as this will make it appear gaudy. You should use only one bright color for all the walls. If you want some variation, you can use a slightly different hue of the same color in other rooms.
Translucent items allow light to easily pass through them. You can lighten up the room by using translucent furniture. Before you purchase furniture, you need to measure your house properly. Make a rough design of your room on a paper and try to understand what sized furniture will be suitable for your house.

You can give a refreshing new appeal to your house by using accessories that goes well with the furniture as well as the color of your walls. Cushions, rugs, bed sheets, etc are something that will accentuate the appeal your house. You can two or three sets of such accessories and change them according to different seasons.
Make sure you do well to completely illuminate your house as this will assist in making your house more spacious. First, you need to try your best to make the best use of natural light. You can use beautiful table lamps or recessed lighting to make your house appear inviting. You can also have mirrors throughout your house for reflecting light as well as to make it appear bigger.
Fresh Appeal
You can add fresh appeal to your house by placing potted plants and fresh flowers around your room. If you think it is difficult to manage fresh plants, you can make use of beautiful faux plants that will help in creating the same fresh appeal.
These tips can be easily carried out by anyone and does not require much knowledge on interior designing. Alternatively, you can hire professionals to decorate your small house to make the best use of your space

Living room basics


The living room is a reflection of your personality and taste. In fact your entire house is an extension of what you are however the living room is one area where guests have an easy access, and hence the importance of maintaining as such. Unlike the bedroom which is exclusively reserved for the inmates of the house only, the living room is a social area. This room can not only be used for hosting parties but can easily serve as your own private space where you can comfortably sit and read or watch TV. By choosing the right furniture, fabrics, colors, lights and draperies it is possible to recreate the ambience of post modern, functional or bohemian. You can make the living room fun, stylish, homely-the choice is absolutely yours. Irrespective of your personal choice it is still possible to create a lasting impression in the minds of your guests only if all the essentials or basics are adhered to.

Sufficient Lighting: Ensure that there is sufficient light-natural or otherwise because that sets the mood for your living room. Lighting is responsible for the warm or cozy feel that one would like to associate with the living room. It is possible to experiment with different types of lights-a lamp shade at the corner for a private read, LED tracks and recessed lights for enhancing the mood. Chandeliers can also be utilized however it is necessary to accessorize the furniture in case a chandelier is installed. Other interesting variations for lights are using it to highlight a particular painting, art object or reading material. Natural light is always good but then it is not always possible to have a source of natural light.

Comfort: irrespective of the kind of look that you choose for your living room, remember it is one place in the house where you are going to socialize, sit with a cup of coffee and watch television, so it is necessary that it is as comfortable as possible. The living room should necessarily exude an air of warmth and coziness and hence it is necessary that the interiors are not too jarring unless you wish to create special effects.
Pale shades work fine for every kind of living room interior.

Unique: in order to create a lasting impression, there should be something unique about your living room; it could be a painting or an artifact or even a collection of reading material.

Space: arrange furniture and stuff in such a manner that there is enough space to move about.

Flower fantasy bedroom for girls

flower bedroom

When comes the time to raise your kids, you want to offer them their own area. It needs to be something that is all their own. For little girls, on of the most important things is color. They love fun environment and bright colors. So, if you have a girl that likes flowers, you could try to create a charming flower garden fantasy. We have to suggest 3 different ways on how to create such a room for your child.

First way is based on the furniture. When decorating kid’s bedroom, start with the bed. A good way to create a flower fantasy theme is to get a relevant bed. There are beds who might resemble a flower but they might be quite expensive in some cases. Maybe you can do some of the job yourself and save some money. Begin by visiting the furniture store and look for round bed that can be used to make the hub of a flower. Once you have the bed house, you should use green or another color that is the colorful for your flower center. Follow this with using little semi-circle throw rugs to make the petals on the rose around the bed. If you really want to make this fun location, you can instead use big bean bags or pillows as the color of the petals of the flower around the bed.

Flower bed

Hand made flower bed for girl. Really beautiful but the price for the spesific bed is about 1200 EUR

The second way is to use simple furniture and flower covers and accessories. This is usually more cheap. I would advice to buy a bedroom set, cause matching colors might not be an easy task. You can use flower curtains, flower bed covers, flower pictures or decor objects on the wall, flower lighting etc. THis will still create the atmosphere you want for your girl’s bedroom.

flower bedroom

Fancy flower bedroom collection by Sweet Jojo Designs. The price for such a bedroom set is about 100 $

The third way, that can be the chepaest one, is to furnish and paint the walls and the rest of the room with intensive colors and flowers. This is not a difficult job. Begin with the roof. You need blue sky in fantasy flower garden room. If you are up for it, paint the upper half of the wall and also ceiling with blue. Now put clouds. If you are truly gusty you may even wish to paint a happy sun and bright, shinning down from single center of the room. You should start with a coat of green color, like a flower stems field, then accent it with amazing flowers. Of course this is not so simple. there is an easier way to do that. To buy some vinyls and decals and place them on the wall.

Flower room

Funky Flowers wall stickers Kit. Price for this kit is about 65$ and a smaller kit can cost even less.

Wall drawings and unique home style

wall art

If there is blank place on the wall, there is an easy and cheap, even free sometimes, way to fill it and change dramatically the interior appearence and create a unique and personal style. The idea is to make a draw on the empty area of the wall or the corner of the wall. If you like drawing you can even try to do it on your own. It does not need to be very complex or a piece of art with full detail. Even a simple drawing painted with the right simple colors can look wonderful. Most common drawings are things inspired by nature, like trees and flowers. Trees are also not very difficult to be drawned in large size. So you do not need to be a great artist to do it. But if you like this idea but you think you are not good at all at drawings, you can ask help from a friend or even hire someone to do it. I had one interior design project once and paying a small amount of money , brought a painter from the street who was offering to do face sketches. If you have a luxury and expensive interior you can also hire a professional artist. But if you do something special and expensive, you must be carefull to maintain it and keep it clean.

In general a nice drawing on the wall will make your interior more live and if you do it on your own it will also offer you the pleasure of creation. If you have children, they are goig to love this idea. You can also let them help you coloring a part of the house. You should just make them very clear that it is allowed to paint only in spesifc place and spesific things in the house. Rooms that wall drawing can be done, is most times living room, bedroom and of course the kid’s room. Do not be afraid to try, and even if your try is not succesfull you can easily repaint the wall and delete the unsuccesfull drawing. Let’s finish with 2 photos and wish for good luck!

wall paint

children love drawings and paintings. They will also love this in their bedroom and try not to see that as a trouble but as fun and game when painting the wall!

wall art1

I met this home in Saint Petersburg in Russia. An empty white corner filled with a tree paint. Used neutral grey colors to be easily combined with rest of the interior.

Modern Yellow and grey Kitchen ideas

modern yellow kitchen

Yellow kitchens used to be popular some years ago. To be honest I never liked the classic yellow kitchens or the full yellow kitchens. But I really love some modern combinations of yellow and grey. Yellow is an intensive color, and it can be a bit tiring for the eyes. My opinion is that it should be combined with a neutral color.
I do not consider yellow and white good combination cause the contrast is too low, unless you add more colors. Black and yellow is nice and impressive, but I still don’t like black kitchens. My favourite choice is a medium or a bit dark tone of grey. Grey is one of the most popular colors in modern architecture and modern interior design and as a neutral color can be combined with any color. A grey or a neutral tone of real wood can create amazing combinations. So if you find white and wooden kitchens boring, and you like something more modern and exciting I consider this combination to be a very good choice! But let’s better see real examples and photos of yellow and grey modern kitchens.

centro grey yellow kitchen

Modern kitchen by Greek company Centro. Yellow, medium tone grey, and some white docorative objects. modern lines and simple but very beautiful kitchen


Yellow kitchen, grey walls and grey kitchen bar with some inox surfaces. The wood flooring is also in neutral tone. Design by Piramide.


Yellow kitchen installed in grey room and some white decor objects . The dining table is really simple and also grey creating a beautiful modern kitchen set. Design by Ala Cusine.

modern yellow kitchen

Luxury modern kitchen by Modiani. Beautiful combination of grey dark tone wood, light grey wood flooring, white and yellow. A really great design.

Bedroom for girls

purple bedroom girls

The most common colors for girl’s bedroom is pink and purple. Pink is the traditional color for girls since middles of 20th century. Of course this is established by the magazines and the life style. One of the reasons that pink and light purple is considered suitable for girls is because these colors are light varations of red, which is a femminine and sensual color. So , pink and light purple are more “innocent” varations of red. Furthermore red color rooms are not good for relaxing. So , pink was decided to be a good sollution. The other very popular color is of course white. White is generally the most common color in most interiors and exteriors. Let’s have a look in some very beautiful bedrooms for girls in different colors and styles.

pink girl bedroom

White and pink bedroom for girl. The most common and of course the most succesfull color combination for a girl's room. Modern bedroom set by Doimo city line.

red and white bedroom

Red color can also be a very nice choice for a gir's bedroom, especially combined with white color. In most cases the main color is the white, and red is secondary color in order to keep the balance and relaxing atmosphere that any bedroom needs. Beautiful classic style bedroom By Halley Junior.

purple bedroom girls

Modern bright purple and white bedroom. Purple is a wonderful choice for a young girl's room. And this spesific tone of purple is really great. Design by Sergi Mengot.

green bedroom for girl

Green color bedroom for girls? WHy not. Green is one of the favourite colors of the nature, and one of the most relaxing colors. Classic bedroom by Halley Junior


omantic and Classic Girl Bedroom combining white , pink and some Green. Bedroom set designed by Halley junior


Every girl likes to feel like a princess. Luxury classic white bedroom by Halley Junior. THe beauty of white color.

Blue bedroom for boys

blue bedroom for boy

The most common colors for boys bedrooms is blue and light blue. Blue color for boys is a tradition since the middles of the 20th century. It is one of the most common colors in nature. It is the color of the sky and the color of the sea. It helps people relax and calm. This is also one good reason that is used often in boys bedrooms, as little boys are usually more naughty and wild than little girls. The most common color combinations are blue with light blue and bright natural wood. In many cases can be added some orange or yellow color for high contrast or some red for medium contrast. Let’s better see and comment some photos of colorful bedrooms for boys.

spiderman blue bedroom for boy

Dark blue , light blue and bright natural wood color as main colors. There is also some red to create a medium contrast. This is a kind of bedroom that little boys really love with picture on the wall and super heros. The spesific kids bedroom set is for 2 children and also does not require a lot of space. Design by Greek furniture industry Ervin.

blue bedroom boy

Blue, light blue and natural wood is the classic and allways succesful color combination in a boy's room. Bedroom set bu Kibuc furniture industry

2 Boys modern bedroom

More simple colors here. Bedroom for little and for older boys as well. Here is used white and blue as main colors. Such bedroom can also be good idea if you have 2 boys with age difference. The spesific bedroom set by Asdara can also be adjusted in small narrow rooms.

Blue boy bedroom carpet

Same colors again. The use of a coloful carpet with the same colors can make the room more live. Bedroom set by Kibuc

blue orange bedroom

In this bedroom set a small change on the covers of the bed creates and very big difference. Orange is the highest contrast color to blue. Bedroom set by Asdara company

blue bedroom for boy

Bedroom full of colors. Main colors are dark blue and light blue again. Yellow creates a high contrast and red an additional contrast. It is difficult to combine well so many colors. Kids Bedroom set by Kibuc.

Make a small kitchen look bigger

kitchen light colors

Kitchen is not just a place where we cook or eat. In modern lifestyle, the kitchen is a place where we spend a big and important part of our day. We eat, we drink our coffee, we talk with our loved ones, we read, watch TV etc. Unfortunately especially in newly built homes in large cities the kitchen is much smaller than previous years. Le’ts See a few simple things considering how can a small kitchen seem larger.

Colors for small kitchen

The right colors on the walls and all surfaces, is one of the most important tricks to visually transform a small kitchen in a much greater. To accomplish this exclude dark and very bright colors of the walls of the room. Choose white or shades of yellow that attract and enhance the natural light, making the room seem larger. Something similar applies to all surfaces. Kitchen tables, kitchen cabinets and kitchen counters, paint them all in light and warm colors such as pastel colors, light brown, sand-colored, orange, yellow, pink or blue. Do not be afraid that the kitchen will be subdued. Add vibrant colors in small items, eg towels, utensils or napkins and maybe the chairs of the dining table.

Kitchen Lighting

The right lighting can make a small kitchen seem much larger. This visual effect can be achieved with two ways or the combination of both. Apart from the main light, select special lighting above or below the surfaces of cookware. This effect is called concealed lighting. Apply selecting lights in a line (same kind of lights we use at Christmas, but no Christmas style) and slide them over the kitchen cupboards and your refrigerator. If you choose kitchen lighting hidden beneath the surface, it means to put headlights underneath the kitchen cabinets. Whichever style you choose, however, you will see that the special lighting that will give a completely different atmosphere in the kitchen and would make it look even bigger.

Plants and small kitchen
Let nature help you to make the kitchen seem larger. Placing a few small pots in the kitchen space looks larger. The natural element gives visual stimuli, like opening a window into our mind. To do this select 2-3 small pots and place them on the kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator or some other free corner. If you choose potted basil, chamomile or other herbs that will also fill the room with wonderful fragrances.

Do not forget, however, that the small kitchen always seems warmer, convenient and welcoming a very large kitchen. Regardless of size, decorate it with taste and see the transform in his favorite room in the house.

Decorating with natural flowers

FLowers living room

Natural flowers are a simple and economical way to bring a “fresh” mood and energy in the home, shop, or office. Nature is the allways the best decorator and brings a positive aura. Why not use it for our own purposes, in our own space? With a magical way, the flowers create an elegant, warm and pleasant environment in space fitted. Furthermore , it is healthy and good for the air quality and the energy of the house if you have natural live  flowers. With an endless choice of colors and shapes, the choice of flowers can be another way to express your personality through decorating your living room or bedroom. Besides, the way we integrate them in a room, can change the whole style of the interior. There are many ways you can decorate with flowers. Let your imagination take part decorator and experiment with combinations and compositions that dare-why not escape the traditional vase.

Here are some tips on alternative ways in which you can make your home to ‘blossom’

• The obvious … remove the jars from your cupboards, fill them with flowers and place them in the center or at the edge of your table in the kitchen or dining room, a side table in the living room, at your buffet, dresser in your bedroom, on the windowsill of your window!

• Avoid using traditional vases and use alternative containers, jars, colored bottles, old pots and bowls. You can also paint them yourself. This will give a more personal and unique style at your home interior.

• Even tall glasses or mugs can be used to decorate some flowers, especially if you are young or just looking to keep their flowers. So you can place them even on the shelves of a library, or a small table as a charming decorative detail.

• Try not to limit yourself to one large jar or container of any kind, but to combine a collection of tracks that would serve this purpose, at different heights and sizes, and colors-why not sharing your bouquet to them. Today that choice is one of the most prevalent trends in decorating with flowers. Worth playing with colorful glasses and bottles.

Tip! Do not be too quick to throw the bouquet when you begin to wilt your flowers! Consider new combinations, eg Cut the flowers remain fresh and fit them into one or more small cups or bottles! And you do not need to buy large buckets of expensive flowers. You can decorate your living room or bedroom using even a single flower.


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