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Nowadays, especially in big cities, rhythms of life are very fast and the way of life is quite stressful. Under such conditions, there is a need to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in your home. Creating a place with natural elements and colors inspired by nature is always the best way to do it, as nature allways know better. Let’s see a few tips to make our home interior less stressful.
Unite the exterior and interior:
Inspired interior design is based most of the times on the union of the interior and external environment . The secret on that is the use of natural materials that can be found outside, like bamboo, wood, rocks and plants. The boundaries between outside and inside are blurred, Creating this way a serene and peaceful place you will love. Take advantage of the large windows in your home to bring the outside view through and moved out of the colors in your space.
Natural colors are relaxing:
The cool blue of the sky or ocean inspired colors. The sage color and hue of the sand of the beach, offers a unique style, the green of the forest. Nature knows the way and natural colors are relaxing. Use them in the lounge, the dining room, help your guests relax. Consider using more soft pastel colors in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Use and decorate your balcony, patio or garden.

I have seen many houses having a patio or a garden and not use it. Decorate it in a nice way and spend some time there. You will see that it will become one of your favourite areas to sit and relax
Details on the exterior of your home:
Architecture minimalist lines and strong wood, concrete, combined with natural materials can make your home’s exterior look again relaxing and cozy as your living room.
Find what relaxes you and get it to your home:
It could be the soft music, art, family heirlooms, objects of different places you’ve visited, a color or style wall. Give also on quality of touch. You will be redirected to a sense of connection with nature, as well as connecting with the inner yourself. One of the advantages of creating is what gives you an excuse to relax, slow down the beautiful feelings to go and breathe the atmosphere of your home. If you are looking for inspiration, searching the internet for indoor spa, and in houses that focus on relaxing colors, sounds and moods. Many people believe that a feng shui practitioner can also help you create a home that will bring positive energy and deflect negative energy through the placement of furniture and other interior components.


beautiful cozy and relaxing interior design by Peter Frank with natural materials and colors inspired by nature

Playing with Curtains for a Living Room Makeover

red curtains

Curtains are great materials to achieve a great makeover for your living room for many reasons. For one thing, curtains are very affordable soft furnishings that can either be bought ready-made or be made-to-measure or make them yourself – and with a world of choices, to boot. For another thing, curtains are fast, easy and convenient to install without the need for any particular skills. This can’t be said of other window treatments like mini-blinds, blinds and shutters where you need to be able to use a screwdriver!

You must, however, experiment with curtains before deciding on a specific look. Experiment and take a look at ways to play with new curtains.

Play with Texture:

Depending on the types of fabrics used, curtains and other similar soft furnishings can be sheer, semi-transparent and opaque as well as soft and stiff in terms of their fluidity. Obviously, sheer curtains evoke a relaxed yet romantic ambience while opaque curtains are best for privacy against nosy neighbours! Meanwhile, soft fabrics tend to flow with the breeze while stiff curtains evoke a sense of formality to the room, such as the case with drapes.

With this in mind, you can start playing around with the textures of various fabrics to achieve your desired look. For example, you may want a more romantic vibe to your family living room so lace curtains are suitable, while your formal living room will look best with brocade curtains. You may even combine two fabrics like a organic cotton and sheer curtain panels. There is a wide and varied range of curtains and sheer or other curtain fabrics with interesting textures such as cambric, chintz, crewel, cotton duck, gingham, satin, silk, damask, velvet and taffeta. You may also want to play with either printed or embroidered fabrics to add interesting texture to your curtains.

Play with Length:

Nowadays, the trend is toward a minimalistic approach in curtains. You are then well-advised to avoid puddles of fabric on the floor and instead start playing with different lengths. Your best bet is to let the curtains’ edges kiss the floor, so to speak.

You may also opt for other lengths such as just skimming the bottom portion of the window, midway between the window and the floor, and even valances in unexpected places. This way, your living room will be more interesting to look at even when your other furniture and furnishings are the same ones from years ago. Just make sure that there is still a sense of harmony between the curtains of different lengths in the living room.

Play with Patterns:

You must also play with the patterns on the curtains to set the right mood for your living room. You will be surprised at how easily you can change the illusion of space, the ambience, and the décor in the living room with skilful mixing of patterns.

By mixing and matching fabrics, patterns and length in curtains, a living room makeover is such a
fun thing to do!


golden curtainsmarine blue curtains

How to add value to your home most effectively

interior door

Most of the time we make home improvements for two reasons: firstly to create a better living space for ourselves and our families and secondly to add value to our properties. These two reasons are not mutually exclusive. You can create a more liveable space and one that will really add value to your home if you follow a few simple rules. Here are a few ways to add value to your home whilst creating a living space you truly want.


Installing a new kitchen or sprucing up your old one can add thousands to the value of your home. When new units and surfaces are combined with a fresh lick of paint and perhaps the loss of a few walls opening up the living space, you can add even more. The kitchen is a major selling point and done correctly can be the difference between asking price and ten grand under.

Quality features

From solid wood internal doors and floors, to chrome taps and door handles high quality features really do sell homes. You may have to spend a little but you’ll get more than just a little in return; in fact you could get a lot, several thousands in fact. Todd Doors are the largest online retailer in the UK of solid wood interior doors with designs in hardwoods such as oak and mahogany. These internal doors and other luxury features really will add the ‘wow’ factor.


If you can convert an unusual box room into a bathroom or really overhaul your current one you can really make a difference to the value of your property. You don’t need to re-do everything however. You can probably keep the bathroom suite, but replacing taps, adding a glass shower screen rather than a curtain and retiling will definitely encourage people to offer the asking price or close to it.

The exterior

It may seem like a big job, but overhauling the exterior is actually one of the easiest ways to add value to your home with the smallest amount of money and effort. Fresh paint, cleaning the guttering and replacing any lost or broken roof tiles can add up to £1,000 to the value of your property. It will take about a day to do – not a bad return for a day’s work.

Find out more about adding value to your property on The Telegraph’s website

Bedroom design tips


bedroom is one of the most important parts of modern living. Specifies the relaxation and makes sure you are ready for your next challenging day! And it’s not nessecary to spend a lot of money to get a nice and cozy bedroom.In this article we will show you how with 5 simple and smart tips to create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom.

Focus on the bed
The bed is of course the most important thing in the bedroom, so the choice must be done correctly! A very large bed and the bedroom will look small and compressed, very small one on the other would not be comfortable and will look odd in space! So we always start by choosing the appropriate bed which will fit perfectly with our space!

Leave walking space around the bed
Place the bed in the bedroom taking care first to have created the necessary corridors to move freely in space around bed in the bedroom, in general. It can be very useful especially for “night hiking”!

Give your bedroom the right character
Make sure the bedroom has its own character. There is the office is not living but a place where you relax and finish your day! Give this identity we so longed radiates calm and serenity that we all need to relax!Watch the colorsIf you choose morning press strongly, yet warm colors for your bedroom. On the contrary if you select evening calm and soothing colors!

nice and luxury covers

The secret to show your bedroom such as those seen in 5 star hotels are luxury linen and quilts! Buy comforters as quality hotels. It will not cost you, and will radically change the image of your bedroom! The larger surface seen on the bedroom is not the headboards or the side of the bed but what is on the bed. So if the cover of the bed is luxury , then all the bed and all the bedroom will look more luxury and will also have a better sense when you sleep there.

Funny home decoration


In most big cities, There are bars, cafes or other entertainment places with funny interior design , or at least with something strange and funny inside. A funny or suprising decoration affects the mood and makes the atmosphere more pleasant. But how about using the idea of funny interior design in your home? Most people avoid such ideas, trying not to make their home looking silly. My opinion as an interior designer is that it would be really fine to use something funny in the house. Just don’t make all the house funny. Funny and strange furniture are not only pleasant, but in most cases they are also special. SO using such “special” furniture, lights or other decor objects makes your home special too. One of the most important things in any home is to be special and unique. The interior and decor usually reflects the personality of the people who live inside. If you like humour then I think you should definately have a funny decor object, and this will not make you house silly if you do not exaggerate.

Let’s see some intresting ideas and photos of funny and strange decoration.

funny bookshelf
A great and not expensive funny decoration is to make wooden bookshelfs that respesent something. In this photo for example we have a human figure that is adjusted next to the fireplace. Very smart, very unique and also easy and cheap to be made
funny door
funny door knob
An other simple and cheap idea is to use a funny door knob. For example a door knob that will make a handshake to who is trying to open the door
funny lamps

Sometimes you want something funny that you can easily remove and hide. For example when you have business meeting at home. I think that the best sollution for such cases is a funny lamp. Cheap and easy to hide and show whenever you like.
funny bedroom
A really funny bedroom representing a toast on a plate and the floor has the shape of a table cover. I think that something like this could be a wonderful guest room. For professionals who rent rooms having funny appartments is not only “cute” but can also be a great advertising for your hotel or appartments.
Funny interior design principle is to represent something else that is certainly not related with home decoration. Some people consider it silly have something funny in your house. My opinion is there is nothing better than something that will make you lough and smile!

Fabric wall decoration

fabric wall decoration

Do you have nice pieces of fabric that you can not use either because they are too small or because you do not need curtains or covers? You can place them on the wall! Make this one, two or more frames! My favourite personal is using 3 long frames or even more small ones. A very nice, fast and inexpensive idea to decorate a wall with frames made of canvas and fabric.

This is a great idea, fabrics circulating now are gorgeous, with amazing designs and patterns, and you can find several financially …. the amount of fabric needed for this also is very small ….. Of course you can always combine the frame on the wall with the fabric of the sofa or chair in front and having a harmonious result so …. Or the kids’ room, to use the fabric from the cover of the bed frame to build. you should just be carefull not to caver very large area of the wall using very fancy fabrics that are not relevant to the sofas curtains and other furniture and home accesories. Something similar just remembered that I had done before, but to stick on the canvas fabric …. I was just behind to clinch nailer. I made two tables placed above the desk and pinned to serve on the school curriculum and our paintings ….

The cost of that is very small even if we use the best fabric considering that we will use less than 0,5 square meter or less than 5 square feet. How about creating this? I think it is quite easy and everybody can do it. Besides canvas we can also use wood, mdf or plywood to secure the fabric …. we can stick, or just secure it with pins …. You can leave it minimal or to decorate with extra braids, ribbons and other decorative items. That was all! And I think the result can be really amazing. According to the pattern of the fabric this idea can be used either for modern interior or classic interior. ABout what color and pattern to use. SOmething suitable to the rest of the house and the existing fabrics. If it is difficult to choose, black and white is allways the choice that will suit allmost everywhere, especially at modern interior homes.

Let’s see some photos that might be helpful to do that alone. If you have a staple gun, it would be the best way out but if you don’t, use pins or anything similar.
wall fabric 2

Narrow living room interior design

narrow living room

In some cases the living room is very narrow. This is a serious problem, but even in this case there are allways sollutions to make the living room beautiful and cozy. First of all. WHen the room is narrow you can not have a lot of furnitures and combine sofa , armchairs etc. The only thing we need in this situation is a long sofa that will be attached on the wall at the long side of the room. This sofa will define the style of the living room, so be very carefull when you choose. There are really beautiful modern long sofas that can make your narrow home very stylish and comfortable. You can also use an L shaped sofa, but the vertical part must not be longer than the half width of the room. In this case you can also attach a long small coffe table that will also reach the same level of the vertical part of the sofa. Opposite to the sofa and the other long part of the wall can be attached a long and narrow wall furniture. This does not need to be funcy. It can even be very simple actually. On this furniture you can place the LCD television, your home cinema and maybe your hi-fi. An other suggestion would be to use nice design speakers on the TV furniture. This is an important detail of your decoration and of course good speakers will also provide good sound quality when you watch TV or DVD movies. An other option for long and narrow living rooms, is to attach the television on the wall. But you will still need a narrow and long furniture to place the Home cinema, the DVDs and other things you will need. I would not advice not using a wall furniture at all because it is really practical. If the room is too narrow just search for a too narrow furniture. Last tip I could give for such occasions is the color of the long side of the room, to be a bit darker than the narrow side of the room. This will create a small illusion of space that can make your living room not to look so narrow. Dark colors tend to make things look smaller and light colors tend to make things look larger. Also vertical and horizontal stripes on the wall create a similar illusion.

narrow living room

Wonderful interior design on narrow living room. Modern L shaped sofa and coffee table reaching til the half of the room and darker wall with vertical stripes.

narrow living room cheap

You can do the same thing even without spending a lot of money on expensive furniture and wall decoraiton. In this case is used a simple darker color on the back wall a simple and cheap sofa and a cheap glass coffe table.

Tips to Keep Hard Wood Floors Scratch-Free


One of the main reasons that people choose hard wooden flooring is that it’s easy to keep clean. Spill some red wine on a carpet and you’re in for some heavy duty cleaning, but with hard wood floors, just simply wipe clean and you’re done. If you’re thinking about making the switch from carpeted floors to wood, check out the latest prices for wooden flooring at Wickes, where you can also buy some of the treatment products we’ll be using in our top tips.

While staining isn’t so much of an issue with real wood floors, scratches and nicks can diminish the aesthetic appeal of hard wood floors, but some basic TLC will keep your flooring in tip-top shape for decades to come.

1  Preventative Measures

One of the simplest ways to keep your flooring looking good, is to clean it regularly. Hoover up on a regular basis and you’ll prevent dirt and grime from embedding itself in the wood over time, saving yourself a lot of trouble in the long run.

2  Avoid Soap and Water


Mopping up your floors with regular soap and water can actually do damage to hard wood flooring in the long term. Hard wood will absorb water, and over time this can lead to swelling and staining. So use a hard wood cleaner instead, and choose your mop carefully! Look for a micofibre mop that doesn’t need a lot of liquid to clean efficiently – it’ll also give a nice streak-free finish.


3  Dealing with Spillages

Although hard wood won’t absorb nasty stains as quickly as carpeting, if you spill a strong liquid like grape juice, wine or cola and leave it to settle, it can stain. So it’s best to act quickly when spillages occur, as giving them time to set could mean having to refinish the floor in order to completely remove the stain.


4 – Protect Against Scratches


One of the biggest causes of scratches to wooden flooring is furniture. To avoid this, you can buy adhesive felt padding that sticks to the bottom of table, chair and sofa legs. This added layer of protection can make all the difference.

5 – Polish

If you have a hard wood floor with a wax finish, try to get into the habit of waxing and polishing your floors regularly. This will help to protect the wood against moisture, stains and discoloration. Polishing will also help to restore the natural lustre and keep your floors looking fresh, with a nice, smooth sheen.

Interior design mistakes

bad decoration

We list ten of the most common interior design mistakes ,in order to avoid them.

  1. Too many or too large furniture
  2. The most common mistake we make when we buy furniture is not to calculate the size of the room, leading to load the room with furniture, among which are difficult to move. The chairs match the sofa corner or composition with bedside tables accompanying the bed may show splendid prospectus in the store, but is not the same in your living room or your bedroom. If the house does not numbering more than 80 square, prefer to make your own compositions instead of buying ready-made set of furniture, and remember that rules like the one that dictates the sofa must be accompanied by two matching armchairs are outdated. If you worry about where to sit every time your friends, get big, colorful pillows on the floor, which make much warmer atmosphere and can save space when you do not need.

  3. Furniture “aligned” on wallsIt’s the most boring interior design when all the furniture touch the walls. Especially in large rooms, the result is not only unbearably predictable, but visually ugly, because it leaves ample space in the center of the room, making it asymmetrical. If you are afraid to experiment safely distancing themselves from the solution, and you can not afford to consult an interior designer, try to fill the void with small furniture such as a coffee table, some pillows or, in winter, colorful rugs or carpets that will fool the eye.
  4. Lack of color
    The white walls are cold and boring, and they do not make the room look bigger as some people say. Dare vibrant colors at least on one of the walls of each room with the exception of the bedroom, which should be pal to help you relax. It will highlight your decor, you will make daily mood and will put your personal style on the house more than any piece of furniture or accessories. And do not worry about how to choose furniture and objects that match the color of the walls: let your imagination run wild and improvise, anything you “go” to match the eye, whether it is not in the same color family as your wall – indeed, in this case the contrast is even more a rule than the affinity of the colors. Remember, just that the color in the room must be repeated to talk with decorative conditions: an orange pad will fall on deaf ears in the absence of surrounding objects or furniture in warm tones corresponding to create the desired color harmony. The repetition rule applies to materials and fabrics-just think of the effect that would make a plastic chair designer blur between wooden furniture.
  5. Pictures that hang too high
    Even if your ceiling is reminiscent of … cathedral, the pictures and the frames should be hung so that the center be located at a height of around 1.50 to 1.70 meter from the floor. Otherwise, few can see them, and even fewer can appreciate. In addition, your tables will give an asymmetrical feel to the room they are two feet from where it ends, for example, the back of the sofa. The exceptions are very large in size tables, the underside of which, however, again, should not be at a height greater than said. The exaggeration in the number of frames, making the house to resemble the eye and galleries not to watch any of them specifically, should also be avoided.
  6. Too many collectibles and decoratives
    Classic men’s mistake: whole shelves full of movie heroes figures, model airplanes or, worse, old soldiers, Playmobile and indeterminate structures from Kinder surprise. Yes, three or four figures from Star Wars or a Freddie Krueger on your shelf is okay, more is overkill, not only look like one vast whole, and, sorry to disappoint you, reminiscent of a collection of dishes that had been on the wall Grandma you. The excuse that they have great sentimental value is acceptable, no one told him to throw. If one want to see them, apply a system of rotation, alternating on the shelf every week and keeping the rest kept somewhere.
  7. Poster with blue tag attached to the wall
    There is no thing that screams “teen room” more than that. If you do not want anything to be your framing posters, the Frame least known black sticks up and down and hang from a pin on the wall. Posters from films, black and white photography, antique cars, album covers or artistic nudity is acceptable categories poster. Hot Models in bikini, yellow smileys, legends of complexes 80s, humorous lists and snapshots moto cross racing is not.
  8. Garden or patio furniture in the house
    The exophthalmos may sound, we have come across this. Because the wooden bench may be obvious that it does not fit in the living room, not the case, however, with the director’s chair, for example, erected next to the white corner sofa, in a failed attempt to mix and match, creating the effect of camping in the living room. To avoid this, but to secure more hours of relaxation, since, apart from unattractive, most outdoor furniture is uncomfortable, let your garden furniture and patio where they belong-outside.
  9. Dying plants
    There is no more dismal picture of a living organism that has been left to die. Yellow or dried leaves and branches that are drooping downwards, leaving images that ruin the image of the room, and furthermore make damage to consciousness and, by extension, at your disposal. Think seriously about the decision to decorate the living room with houseplants, and do it only if you are sure you will care for them regularly. The same, and even more, of course, applies to imiapoxiramena flowers in the vases. It is worth noting that, according to Feng Shui, dried flowers and plants with negative energy charge space. Plastic flowers and plants, on the other hand, the charge simply bad taste.
  10. A single light source
    We spent hours leafing through catalogs, shot five or six specialty stores, selected a wonderful fixture to hang on the ceiling of your living room, and another for the bedroom, and were content to them. Right? Wrong. Even if you put the dimmer lights, these light sources are important to give the room just the atmosphere you want at any time. A floor lamp, a limber arm for the light you use when you read a couple of spots facing upward, which might shed light on two tables, can do wonders.
  11. Lack of personal style
    If you memorize books of interior design magazines and copy photographs will end up living in a beautiful but potentially very impersonal setting that will just be you. The space should reflect your personality and your taste, if for no other reason, to feel yourself comfortable in it. Follow, therefore, the advice of experts to avoid mistakes, trust, however, especially your instincts: if you love the orange couch combined with your pink wall, all other (must be) in excess.

Using outdoor blinds for patios

patio blinds shades

Having a party on the patio is great when the weather cooperates. Sometimes the glare from the sun or the temperature is just a little too much. At other times, privacy is desired while still having the feeling of being outdoors.

Outdoor blinds are a stylish, inexpensive way to make your patio more versatile. Many different sizes and widths are available so every patio is covered. Choose from bamboo, wood slats, aluminum or vinyl slats, PVC plastic, plastic “bamboo” blinds, fabric blinds and more. A plethora of colors and fabrics are on the market so any décor can be enhanced with blinds. blinds are available for every type of patio covering. If the patio is accessed by sliding doors, and privacy is needed, vertical or black out blinds are a great option. It does not matter if the door or height is and odd size that is no longer made, they will make blinds that will fit your needs exactly.

If cutting solar glare is desired without blocking the view of the outdoors, choose Phifer Sheer Weave fabric. A continuous loop mechanism raises and lowers the blinds without any hanging cords. This is perfect for children’s safety. The customer can make the blinds roll in the front or back, bypassing obstacles. Many different colors and weave patterns are offered.

For patios with an old world feel, or for those who do not want hanging patio blinds, plantation shutters are a perfect answer. Made in faux wood from eco friendly materials, they are easy to clean and block or filter just the amount of sunlight desired. When closed, they can make the area feel like an interior room, perfect for an evening’s entertainment. Enter the desired measurements and choose the color that suits your décor the best.

To create an outdoor room that feels like it transforms into an interior room, choose solid vinyl sliding panels. They work for interior patio doors and outdoor patio windows as well. They mount to the ceiling or walls, and use Velcro to attach to the traversing mechanism. Easy to clean and maintain, they can be made to fit any window width or height. Many different colors are available, choose matching or contrasting colors for the custom panels.

For those who want only natural materials, choose from woven wood, natural grasses, jute or bamboo. A variety of different colors, sizes and styles are available.

TIP FOR GOOD SLEEP:Even a really good mattress, might not be ideal for your body. Try the best mattresses and choose the one you feel more comfortable on.
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