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Add luxury to your home without doing any decorating

bed linen

if you don’t fancy donning overalls, pasting wallpaper and dripping paint everywhere but still want to update your home and add a little luxury to your property, don’t worry; we are on hand to help with these handy suggestions on how to add luxury to your home without decorating. Spruce up the bed If you [...]

How to choose a picture for the living room

wall picture black and white

A great mistake many people do, is choosing wrong picture or picture frames for the living room. I also know a lot of people who own an old expensive picture, and they use it on their modern living room even if it is completely irrelevant, just because it’s nice and expensive. The picture, or pictures, [...]

Color tips


What type of room would you like?   Bright, soft, warm, or neutral?  Look at your floors, carpets, or a large piece of furniture that you already have, that will be your starting point.  Pull out one of the colors that you want to be your primary color. Then choose one or two of the colors [...]

How to make a room look bigger

small modern living room

We can give you some advice on how you can create illusion of space to your living room , or any room. 1) Use minimalist interior design. Do not use many furnitures. You must take care so that there is allways a path from the center of the room to move. Instead of many furnitures [...]

Modern curtains – colors and tips

modern curtains

Curtains can be a very important detail for a living room or a bedroom. They can give a special character to a room and make it look classic, modern, live , serious etc. For a modern house we propose bright and not funcy colour curtains. If you like funcy curtains, it needs a lot of [...]

Decorating with Bonsai Trees

green island bonjai

Decorating your home with house plants provides the finishing touch to your decor. Most people use artificial flowers and greenery which adds a nice touch. Dare to be a little different and add one or two Bonsai Trees. They provide an added dimension of interest with their intricate shapes and beauty! Your guests will be [...]

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