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How to choose a picture for the living room

wall picture black and white

A great mistake many people do, is choosing wrong picture or picture frames for the living room. I also know a lot of people who own an old expensive picture, and they use it on their modern living room even if it is completely irrelevant, just because it’s nice and expensive. The picture, or pictures, [...]

Sofa covers tips

sofa cover

Many people spend a lot of money to buy expensive furnitures for the living room. After that , in order to protect the sofa use cheap sofa covers. But your living room now looks cheap and bad taste! If it is to use covers , why should you buy expensive sofa and cheap cover and [...]

How to make a room look bigger

small modern living room

We can give you some advice on how you can create illusion of space to your living room , or any room. 1) Use minimalist interior design. Do not use many furnitures. You must take care so that there is allways a path from the center of the room to move. Instead of many furnitures [...]

Fireplace & modern living room

modern fireplace

Some people believe that a fireplace is only for traditional design houses. Could modern interior design and a fireplace walk together? Of course they can. Many modern architects use a modern fireplace in their plans. Many people would love to have a fireplace in their house. Fire makes the house more live and more warm. [...]

Living room tables – coffee tables

classic coffe table

Coffee table is really important for the living room. First, for practical reasons , as you want to have or offer to your guests coffee, drink , even food sometimes. But it is also very important for decoration and interior design reasons. The coffee table is at the center of your living room. That means [...]

Modern curtains – colors and tips

modern curtains

Curtains can be a very important detail for a living room or a bedroom. They can give a special character to a room and make it look classic, modern, live , serious etc. For a modern house we propose bright and not funcy colour curtains. If you like funcy curtains, it needs a lot of [...]

Futuristic interior design.Modern black & white living room

futuristic living room plexiglass

Black and white colors allways give a special modern character to a living room. It just needs a lot of attention if you want to do it without hiring a professional interior designer or decorator. Black and white give the sense of space atmosphrere and can create very futuristic interior designs. If you want futuristic [...]

bookcases and interior design

bookcase tv furniture

Bookcases and bookshelfs are very important not only for practical reasons, but even more nowadays for decoration and interior design reasons. They can decorate your living room’s wall and make your home look more warm and elegant. A very common place for a bookcase is at the tv furniture. That is practical because except to [...]

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