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Fabric wall decoration

fabric wall decoration

Do you have nice pieces of fabric that you can not use either because they are too small or because you do not need curtains or covers? You can place them on the wall! Make this one, two or more frames! My favourite personal is using 3 long frames or even more small ones. A [...]

Narrow living room interior design

narrow living room

In some cases the living room is very narrow. This is a serious problem, but even in this case there are allways sollutions to make the living room beautiful and cozy. First of all. WHen the room is narrow you can not have a lot of furnitures and combine sofa , armchairs etc. The only [...]

Tips to Keep Hard Wood Floors Scratch-Free


One of the main reasons that people choose hard wooden flooring is that it’s easy to keep clean. Spill some red wine on a carpet and you’re in for some heavy duty cleaning, but with hard wood floors, just simply wipe clean and you’re done. If you’re thinking about making the switch from carpeted floors [...]

Interior design mistakes

bad decoration

We list ten of the most common interior design mistakes ,in order to avoid them. Too many or too large furniture The most common mistake we make when we buy furniture is not to calculate the size of the room, leading to load the room with furniture, among which are difficult to move. The chairs [...]

Using outdoor blinds for patios

patio blinds shades

Having a party on the patio is great when the weather cooperates. Sometimes the glare from the sun or the temperature is just a little too much. At other times, privacy is desired while still having the feeling of being outdoors. Outdoor blinds are a stylish, inexpensive way to make your patio more versatile. Many [...]

High contrast Colors


Notice the color wheel: From the mixing of two of the three primary colors (red, yellow, blue), three composite (orange, green, purple). It is known that combining a primary color with complex located opposite of the color wheel, creating a strong contrast. Thus, combinations of red, green, blue and yellow-orange-purple create the most intense color [...]

Feng shui decoration

feng shui living room

Here are some simple tips, you can easily try in your home or any of your rooms to help positive energy to enter your life. Remember, though, that Feng Shui is not magic. Its effects are not instantaneous. You must leave a little time, so that the energy enters the house and gradually affect the [...]

Crystal decorations

3d crystal lamp

if you want something special and impressive to decorate your living room or your bedroom, one great idea is crystals. There many kind of crystals. One very popular type, is swarovski crystals. A very common type of swarovski crystals, are animal figures. They are ideal to decorate your living room. The negative is that the [...]

Inspired Ambiance

bachelor living room

Creating an overall style and ambiance in your home is something as adults most people strive towards. It’s not easy to choose the right fixtures, lighting, and furniture to make a cohesive look in your house. When you start a family or are no longer living the bachelor lifestyle, the bar-like lifestyle comes to a [...]

Decorating without money


Decorating, or redecorating a house is usually an expensive idea and one that many people dream of without ever having the means to do it. A lot of people suggest getting loans or credit cards to cover the debt with the rationale being that the extra equity you generate in the redevelopment will cover the [...]

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